Download TCPMP for HTC HD2 with FLV and subtitles support

I started to use TCPMP 0.72RC1 on my old Windows Mobile 2003 SE several years back. It is a very powerful free media player on Windows Mobile devices. However, I have problem to use it on my new HTC HD2 due to different screen resolution. I tried several TCPMP builds but no luck on getting them to work until I found the very one done by xda-developers. Note – TCPMP = The Core Pocket Media Player. It was replaced by commercially-licensed CorePlayer.

TCPMP with WVGA skin

TCPMP supports many audio, video, and image formats, including AC3, HE-AAC, AMR, DivX, FLAC, H.263, H.264, JPEG, Monkey’s Audio, MJPEG, MPEG-1, MP2, MP3, Musepack, MS-MPEG4-v3, PNG, Speex, TIFF, TTA, Vorbis, WAV, WavPack and XviD. With plugin help, it can support FLV now which I use it the most. I can play YouTube video with it finally which cannot be done with HTC HD2 built in media player ~ Album.

TCPMP full screen playback

TCPMP does not support full hardware acceleration on HTC HD2. So don’t bother to use it to play MP4 or H.264 videos. It is slow. Better stick with HTC built in media player on those formats. However, FLV videos shine with it. By the way, this TCPMP version should work on other Window Mobile devices like Samsung Omnia II, HTC Touch Pro 2 that have WVGA screen. Enjoy…

Download TCPMP netDrg v2 here.


  1. Hi, THANK YOU!!!!!
    Finally a player that works. Seriously, I have tried nearly every single other one you can download and THIS is the ONLY one I found that ACTUALLY WORKS on my new HTC HD2.

    You are a legend, thank you.

    • hi,
      i tried it also to install but nothing happend.
      i bought my hd 2 today, so i don´´t have much practise in installing software on it.
      i downloades the zip file on my pc. then entipped the file an copied the single files in an extra folder on my hd2. then i klicked on the setup file. but than, the opera browser opppend an the screen becam white. the url wgich is shown as: file://localhost/Programme/ _SETUP.XML.

      have i done something wrong?

      thanks in advance for your help


  2. GREAT Jayce : )

    It took me a while to find this great download,
    but I can confirm it works pretty well on the HTC HD2.

    I’m only very disappointed, that HTC was not able to provide a Mediaplayer which plays big MP4 Files.

    HTC should consider to add the Coreplayer instead!?
    (and I don’t want to quote the unprofessional statements of HTC’s pour support on this topic)

    However thanks to you my problem is solved : )
    (I think if you change the setting Video to GDI it will playback MP4 faster)

    Many THANKS!!!

  3. it worked with the previously …then one day it just up and refused to play …i’d like a a player just to listen to internet radio stations …not really interested in video….and it did this perfectly for a while …..if any one knows of a program that will let me listen to internet radio I would b really gateful..I am using htchd2…winmo6……

  4. Thank you so much for this great build of TCPMP. I used to use TCPMP on my i-mate JASJAR but when I upgraded to a HTC Touch Pro2 it no longer worked. I have been using Coreplayer ever since, but the drawback was that it could not play avi files with AC-3 audio. Nor could it play FLV files.

    I have just installed this great build and it works perfectly with both of these file types. I have no intention of moving on from the Touch Pro2 any time soon, so this has been a fantastic addition.

    Thanks again!

  5. Hi Jayce,
    Can you please suggest me a good video player for my HTC HD2.
    It’s running on ROM : [NIGHTLY][Full HWA] CyanogenMod 9 [4.0.4][Kernel: cmhtcleo/tytung]

    Right now I’m using MX player, which used to play all videos perfectly on the previous ROM : NexusHD2-Gingerbread_V3.2a_SD__Android-2.3.7

    But after installing the current ROM, videos are bit slow and when playing a video, no sounds for 3-4 seconds and it continues.
    I really need an urgent solution.


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