OI File Manager ~ Ad free file manager for Android

One of the thing that missing in Android build for HTC HD2 ~ file manager. I tried to look for Android file explorer like Windows Mobile but failed. Then, I found lot of file manager in Android Market like ASTRO File Manager, Linda File Manager… However, most of them are adware. And requires Internet connection access due to the advertisements.

OI File Manager

OI File Manager Features

  • Show list of files.
  • Icons for home (root) directory and SD card.
  • Directory structure displayed through clickable buttons.
  • Alternatively, the current path can be displayed in an input field.
  • Supports PICK_FILE and PICK_DIRECTORY intents so that other applications can use OI File Manager.
  • Support for many file endings and mime types.
  • “Back” key works for directories clicked in the list.
  • Create directory, rename, delete files.
  • Move files.
  • Send files by email.

I like OI File Manager because it is ad free. And does what it do ~ file management. Just search for it at Android Market and download OI File Manager there.


  1. i have an htc hd2 and i go to market place and try to search linda file manager annd astro file manager and it keeps coming back no results found need help please many thanx


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