Download Traffic Monitor Widget for Android

3G broadband is expensive on mobile phone. Most of the 3G broadband service provider does not offer unlimited package nowadays. And we are limited with certain bandwidth amount. They might charge us if we exceed the usage limit quota. Therefore, a network traffic monitor tool is essential for these 3G broadband users. Personally, I am using Celcom Broadband mBasic (1 GB volume), upgraded from unlimited plan which Celcom discontinued. But I did not receive any warning on the usage because Celcom system does not have my usage data (bug?) Anyway, here is a tool for you to track your Wi-Fi and mobile broadband usage ~ Traffic Monitor Widget for Android.

Traffic Monitor Widget for Android

Traffic Monitor will prompt you when you exceeded the limit that you set. Besides, it also comes along with speedometer, task manager and other phone information details.

Traffic statistics per application

Find out which application ‘eats’ the most traffic bandwidth. This will let you plan your application usage well and don’t let 3G broadband overcharge you. Use high bandwidth usage application on Wi-Fi network…

Download Traffic Monitor Widget at Android Market here.


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