Free Innacomm W3400V WiFi Modem from TM Streamyx

Finally, 4 Mbps Streamyx is available at my place. I requested to upgrade early this year but no luck. I was still using RM 88 Streamyx 1 Mbps package then. Then I saw TM Blockbuster Deal which is a very interesting package for those who are still using the old separated voice and broadband plan like me. This combo package is a lot cheaper than my existing one. And you can have free call to all TM fixed line nationwide. Furthermore, you can get WiFi modem and cordless phone for free too. Isn’t that great? (Note – minimum 12 months subscription period is required. Not an issue to me at all)

Err… I got a faulty Innacomm W3400V WiFi Modem. Below are the Wi-Fi issues that I face for the past 1 week.

  • Cannot ping to other PC IP.
  • File sharing between iPad and PC are not working.
  • Slow Internet connection @ 1.3 Mbps only on 4 Mbps package.
  • High ping latency @ 200 ms

I keep complaint to TM 100 support that I was not getting 4 Mbps connection. Called TM appointed installer on this issue too. Chatted with 2nd level support personnel. At the end, I got these facts…

  • Your first 2 weeks support ~ TM appointed installer. Ask him anything during this time.
  • Streamyx speed upgrade needs to take 3-7 days after new billing activated (based on installer and 1st level support).
  • However, based on 2nd level support, it only needs to take 24 hours to upgrade Streamyx speed actually.
  • You can enjoy free TM fixed line call on next bill date after new Streamyx package is activated.

If you are getting the same Innacomm W3400V WiFi Modem issues, you probably got a faulty modem like I did. No worry, just ask TM appointed installer to change a new modem for you. I got a working D-Link DSL-2640B WiFi Modem at the end.