Free Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core processor QX9650

Free Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core processor QX9650!!! Yes, you did not read it wrong. Intel Malaysia is giving out Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core processor QX9650 for FREE. But it is engineering sample, not production unit. What is engineering sample? Basically, it is not for sales. It should be used within Intel or by authorized personnel outside of Intel for purposes of testing, evaluating, and/or pre-configuring systems. Engineering sample processors are designed and built like normal processors, but offer additional features for testing purposes.


So does every Intel Malaysia employee will get it free? No, the first 500 persons only will get it. And with some conditions applied. Who care about the conditions? I WANT IT!!! Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core processor QX9650 is sold at RM3,500 at Malaysia, which mean you get RM3,500 for free. Don’t you want it? 2 of my friends who signed up had already asked to take the processor. Left me still waiting for the approval only. Hopefully, I am still in the 500 lists and entitle to get it free.

Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core processor is a processor for overclocker. With CPU multiplier unlock, you can tweak most of it to achieve the speed that you need. However, with this powerful processor, you need other good devices to power it up. Else you are just wasting the true power of Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core processor. I am coming out a hardware buying list to match this Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core processor.

Continued on ASUS P5Q PRO vs GIGABYTE EP45-DS3

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  1. Never in the history… Intel give its employees free processor … r u bluffing us ah… :->

    anyway, dude, just teasing you eh! … Hope that you get the free processor… if you get it can i invite myself to you house to view the RM3,500 processor πŸ˜‰

  2. Yes. After I joined Intel Malaysia for more than 3 years, this is my first time to have the chance to get free CPU.
    I will post the CPU photo when I get it. πŸ˜‰

  3. Have you got the approval yet? It’s an engineering sample, so I guess it’s a pretty good move. They’ll most probably destroy them anyway.

  4. Yaya… Will post it when I got it. I checked with Intel Employee Service and confirmed that I will have it. Just a matter of time to get it only. πŸ˜€

  5. that is not a ES chip but either retail or oem chip which has fpo number…
    400×10 vcore 1.4v orthos 12 hours stabled… guess 4.6g need at least vcore 1.5x above… neither corsair or kingston performance ram, go for crucial or gskill(cheaper but clock better)

    btw, compare qx9650 to i7 965, it’s like egg and rock


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