Left 4 Dead crash fix

Left 4 Dead crash fix. Yup. I finally found a way to fix Left 4 Dead crash issue. I thought it’s my display card ~ ATI HD 4870 issue. However, after lower the GPU and memory clock back to normal. The Left 4 Dead game still crash. So what should I do? Find a solution online of course. However, there are no real solutions that fix.

Left 4 Dead

Fix Left 4 Dead crash:
Go to Option -> Video

Display Mode -> Select Windowed (No Border)
Multicore rendering -> select Disabled.

With this video setting, it does help to solve Left 4 Dead crash on my case. Hopefully, it will help you too. No worry about the Windowed (No Border) mode. It look alike like Full Screen mode.

Time to kill those zombies. πŸ™‚


  1. thanks for the tip – was constantly crashing, usually after 5-15 minutes or on level load. now it hasnt crashed once in like 4h.

  2. for some reason my still crashes? sometimes it just freezes some times my whole comp freezes and i have all those sittings and all my quality on low anyone can help?

  3. this fixed worked perfectly with me for a few weeks, i had no problems whatsoever until i installed an additional video card, now i have 2 8800 ultras and now for some reason i get a sharp decline in performance at about half the frames as before whenever i have ‘windowed no border’ mode enabled, it just seems very choppy now, i have tried lowering my graphics, and changing through all sli rendering modes with no noticeable change in frame rates, i get a stiff 30-40 most of the time and it’s annoying, can’t i get this to run normally without disabling sli?, with 2 8800 ultras the game runs perfectly (outside of random crashes) on max graphics – 1920×1200 res, vsync triple, and 4x anti aliasing – in just plain ‘fullscreen’ mode but when i enable ‘windowed no border’ mode, i receive penis in my butt, what gives?

  4. hey, i’d really appreciate it if i could get an answer – or at least a response – from my earlier post, i’ve been waiting quite a while (it’s feb 01, been waiting since jan 21) lame πŸ™

  5. another solution would be…

    BTW this is only applicable when UR HEARING THE GAME’s MUSIC BUT theres no VIDEO…and ur CRT monitor is blinking…. the reason for this is that the game’s video setting is set to 1208 w/c ur monitor cant support the video mode…

    go to:

    C:\program files\left 4 dead\left4dead\cfg (the directory, where u installed ur L4D)

    open the notepad titled video

    next change the “setting.defaultres” quoted “1208” to “1024”

    “setting.defaultres” “1024” —looks like this..

    save and play the game…

    it amazes me that i discovered this tweak…. haha…

  6. i tried that before……hmmmm….but it got better…never really fixed. crashed but i could go back to the desktop and click the game again and everything is fine…wierd heh? il try it again tho, thx for finding another way to help us because the other info wasnt really helpful to me.^^

  7. Thx this really fixed it. My system had the crash, with L4D and the ATI 4870 X2. Now i can play Left for dead again!!! πŸ™‚

  8. The performance will decrease in windowed mode instead of full screen mode. In stead of “hiding” the desktop it is just full screen over the desktop. it basically has to use alot more resources and memory. games are designed to run in full screen mode with windowed mode as an alternative.

    If you are using CCC turn down the setting in CCC and set it to use application settings. This will stop most of the crashes and let you run at higher frame rates sometimes, depending on your hardware.

  9. I had experienced the same f##king crash bug related above…
    So I decided to do the same dawm thing I did when trying to fix Gears of War bugs…I downloaded a ready profile and as I just expected it ran great and smooth and I had no more crashes and that stupid repeating noises.


  10. Did not work work for me, however I found the problem myself. My antivirus was causing this problem, it would shut down during all the checks and processess. So now when I want to play i disable it for a while, then when i’m done playing i enable it again. Fixed it for me.
    So check of your antivir is interfering with l4d

  11. I installed the game but when I try to play it crashes at the loading screen before it even gets to the menu. I am running an Asus nvidia 9400gt graphics card. Please can someone help me.

  12. tnx but for me it doesnt works after loading page it crashes and back to windows pls help me!!!!
    intel dual core e2200 nvidia 9500gt 2gb ram pls pls pls pls

    • i have the same problem how can we change the “in game settings” if we can’t reach the main menu without it crashes it goes valve screen -> opening video -> left4dead loading for a couple of seconds then stops working HELLLLPPPPPP

  13. β€œc:\Program Files\Steam\bin\SteamService.exe” /repair

    copy and paste this into your command prompt..This fixes all LFD1 and LFD2 “crash problems”..
    I know Iam great =D

  14. Hello Thanks
    Display Mode -> Select Windowed (No Border)
    Multicore rendering -> select Disabled.
    it worked and im so happy now thanks πŸ˜€ So try again.. it maybe could be because you have Acer.. lol

  15. thanks…it helps…you are tha boss πŸ™‚ I’m realy happy about this, cause I wanted to play this, but after 5 min it kicked me out…again: YOU ARE THA BOSS!!! =)

  16. I’ve been looking into crashing issues on my bro’s pc for ages now. Same kind of thing game could play less than 5 mins and crash or could play 30 mins then crash. Finally figured out that this game crashes for a number of reasons that I’ll list below.
    He has Saphire 4870 1Gb vapor-x, 4Gb ram, Core2quad Q9550.
    1) Identified his first problem to insufficient power to the GPU. He had a 750W power supply which I thought was sufficient for a single gfx card. Turned out this Winpower psu only had 35amps going to the 12v rails, and even that was split over 2 rails with most of it going to the motherboard instead of the 2nd 12v rail (which the gfx card and hard disks, etc. would be using). In summary what that meant was out of the 750W, only a small amount of the power was actually being passed to the GFX card which was insufficient as the 4870 will require at least about 25amps to itself. Bought a corsair power supply and that fixed that problem (was crashing even with multicore rendering off and detail turned down, though was a more stable while heavily underclocked, which makes sense as it wouldn’t be sucking as much power).
    2) As described above multicore rendering was still causing crashing even on the new psu. Turned that off and there was a massive drop in performance, but at least it wouldn’t crash. He has a quad core which seems to be particularly prone to multicore rendering crashes (again makes sense as the game has to synchronise processing from 4 streams instead of 2 on a core2duo which will be more prone to sync failures). Not sure if there is anything that can be done about this. One theory I had is that if all 4 cores are under heavy load then the most you can do is make sure each of those cores can process their streams as fast as possible without bottlenecks. RAM would be the most obvious potential bottleneck as if at any point there is insufficient RAM available to one of the cores it will result in paging to the hard disk (slooooow) and significantly slow down the processing of that core which would knock it out of sync, or cause a stutter if it can recover quickly. This is only a theory as I haven’t got another 4Gb to put in just yet, but will be curious to see if it’s anymore stable at all. In meantime I may see if killing background processes (AV, firewall, etc.) will make any diffference as they are all using up resources of their own.

  17. hey if all those still deosn’t work try this “go to options, video, change Trilinear to Antrostopic 2x, disable multiplayer rendering core, change all to medium, change double buffered to triple buffered. (hope this works :))

  18. My left for dead 1 and 2 keeps crashing like sometimes it plays for 8 hours then sometimes only 20 minutes can anyone help I think that l4d2 crashes more than l4d1

  19. My game L4D1 crashes right after loading of some chapters, not all but some chapters ,and i cant able to play game continuously. can anyone help? Plz thanks in advance.

    And heres my Tip to Play Left 4 Dead on low Cpu (single core) or low Ram PCs, or if you want smooth Game Performance . But for this you have to Sacrifice something .
    And that is the game sound. Go to my computer properties > device manager > and disable your sound card .all done
    now you can play left 4 dead on super fast speed .
    Left 4 dead is not so heavy game the sounds are to many that makes the game laggy and havey. Now Enjoy lag / slow free with Sacrifices of sounds. πŸ˜€

    Note: My Problem is not related to sounds i try it with or without game sounds, still crashes.

  20. No way, Jose!

    You go on task manager, right-click in the “left4dead.exe” choose select afinities(or something like that, i’m not usamerican). and dismark every little box except one. then hit ok. and return to game.

    PS: you must do this process every time you open the game. lolz


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