Left 4 Dead crash fix

Left 4 Dead crash fix. Yup. I finally found a way to fix Left 4 Dead crash issue. I thought it’s my display card ~ ATI HD 4870 issue. However, after lower the GPU and memory clock back to normal. The Left 4 Dead game still crash. So what should I do? Find a solution online of course. However, there are no real solutions that fix.

Left 4 Dead

Fix Left 4 Dead crash:
Go to Option -> Video

Display Mode -> Select Windowed (No Border)
Multicore rendering -> select Disabled.

With this video setting, it does help to solve Left 4 Dead crash on my case. Hopefully, it will help you too. No worry about the Windowed (No Border) mode. It look alike like Full Screen mode.

Time to kill those zombies. 🙂