HiMedia Q10 Pro Android 7 HMD-2.0.3 2017-04-13.093025

Here comes another firmware update for HiMedia Q10 Pro Android TV box. Android 7 HMD-2.0.3 2017-04-13.093025 is the. Android 5 version was released weeks ago by the way. As usual, new firmware fixed some issues, has some improvements and added some new stuffs. And the major addition in this update – wallposter function. There is ‘Optimized WI-FI stability and increased WI-FI speed’ too which caught eyes. Will do some test later to find out…

HMD-2.0.3 2017-04-13.093025 Changelog:
1. Added Wallposter function
(1) Automatically scan videos in local disk, Samba and NFS, and download corresponding posters
(2) Supported film classification and sorting
(3) Supported video search
(4) Supported browsing by each disk or full browsing
(5) Supported scanning video by formats
(6) Wallposters update automatically
(7) Supported customizing classification
(8) Supported renaming and deleting shortcuts of Samba and NFS
2. Fixed the issue of occasional failure while powering off
3. Fixed the issue of occasional blurred-screen in Wallposter
4. Fixed the issue of not displaying full screen while playing online videos
5. Fixed the issue of occasional blank screen while playing local videos
6. Fixed the issue of reporting video error while playing local videos
7. Fixed the issue of displaying in a abnormal rate while playing 2D videos that transformed by SBS 3D videos
8. Fixed the issue of adopting only 2 audio channels while applying PCM7.1 pass-through
9. Fixed the issue of staying full screen display while the display area is modulated
10. Fixed the issue of wrongly displaying USB type in File Manager
11. Fixed the issue of detecting device failure while using Hi-Control
12. Optimized the option of 24HZ in player setup
13. Optimized system stability and compatibility with different APKs
14. Optimized WI-FI stability and increased WI-FI speed
15. Updated Media Center, adopted a User Interface of 3D technology, presenting flexible operating experience; Fixed the distortion of the video icon,fixed the issue that IP addresses can’t be added in NFS.
16. Upgraded Homepage, fixed the issue of not saving the substituted APK on Homepage after restart
17. Upgraded video displaying , revised some description on interface and added “HDR”in display information
18. Supported more resolution modes for output
19. Upgraded Wrapper, optimized Kodi displaying
20. Updated the Happy Cast, making it applicable on iOS 10.3
21. Updated the latest Hisilicon SDK, presenting a more stable system and better display

Download HiMedia Q10 Pro Android 7 HMD-2.0.3 2017-04-13.093025 here.


  1. Maybe a little late, but I do have WiFi issues with my latest update to Android 7.0 Nougat. I have to survive with a wired Ethernet connection. With the older FW everything went just fine, but since the latest update I’ve lost WiFi! ! ! Is there a way with a future update it will work again?
    Mr. Dutchie


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