Digi Broadband review

Digi had the poorest coverage at my area long time ago. Celcom is the best, follow by Maxis. Digi Postpaid Infinite catches my eyes with unlimited data usage on top of life time free tethering. Yes, you get unlimited calls and 1,000 SMS too. So I took the chance to test Digi Broadband at my area again. How does Digi Broadband perform? Let’s find out…

Wow… I am impressed. Digi increased their 4G LTE coverage a lot lately. Yes, I am getting full bar now. Maxis does well too. Only Celcom stuck there with no improvement at all. Err… Anyway, back to Digi. If you like to try out Digi high speed Internet at your area too, just get yourself a Digi Prepaid BEST SIM card like I did.

Coverage is the most important factor here. Without full coverage, you can’t get decent speed. Too many users at your area is another factor that will affect the Internet performance. Yup, 35Mbps is the best download speed that I can get. 16Mbps for upload. Ping is important for gamers. Make sure it is as low as possible. I have 4G LTE-A device but Digi does not have LTE-A coverage at my area. Therefore, this is the best result that I can get so far. You will get different results at different places. So do check at the places that you use Internet frequently.

Consistency is another factor to look at as well. You don’t want a broadband that work at certain hours only and failed for the rest of the day, right? The lowest download that I get for download is 10Mbps. Maybe that’s during peak hours. Luckily, it lasts for a while only. Then back to the usual minimum 20Mbps. That’s more than enough for a Streamyx 8Mbps user like me. However, there is only one thing that concern me right now.

Stability! I am facing YouTube buffering issue while doing this Digi broadband review. Yup, all YouTube videos can’t playback properly while Internet surfing and files downloading are working just fine. Just hang there for no reason even in 720p. Streamyx is better in stability where 1080p video is being playback as it should. Hopefully, this is a short term issue, else I can say goodbye to Digi as well.


  1. Are you aware of Unifi Lite from TM? Came to know that on blog. Not sure when will it available and available at my place!!

    • Yup, knew it last month. It should be launched in this few days. But no coverage here same like other normal UniFi package.

      As usual, same answer from TM – no idea when your place will have UniFi. I lost count how many time TM staffs told me this… πŸ˜›

  2. I am Digi user, using Digi Mobile plan and also Digi Broadband. I registered both DigiMobile plan(20GB) and Digi Broadband(40GB) on May 2017. The first time I used Digi Mobile was very fast, up to 30MBPs then later on, it became unstable, sometimes less than 10MBps, even though in the same place. I have called Digi Helpline and sent me the settings to configure my Huawei P8 APN settings, but this doesn’t solve my problem. That’s fine, I still accept.

    Everytime I am using the DigiApps’s Support to send enquiries, I received the email notification, but at the end, no reply and nobody called me. Is that email to DigiSupoport is totally helpless! Very disappointed.

    But the most frustrating issue is my Digi Broadband quota : 16GB very fast finish within 2 weeks.

    Last night, I was working from home, until 15th July, 12am, suddenly cannot access into Internet and the website shows that I have exceeded the Internet quota. I called to Digi Helpline and I was being told that I already finished the 16gb quota for Internet usage. I complained that I am not always using Digi Broadband to watch movies and mainly I am using this to work from home, if compared to my Mobileplan left the quota 13.7GB . This is ridiculous! I have no choice to purchase RM25 for Internet quota 10GB. Most of the time I am using Mobile plan to upload/download the photo videos and download/update the mobile Apps in GoogleStore, until now my MobilePlan still left the quota 13.7GB. I already sent my complain email to Digi, but I don’t think they will respond to me. If this continous happen to me, I will terminate the Digi and share to everyone that Digi is the worst and their purpose to make more money, but worst service!

    • hi, so any improvement for yr Digi Broadband after yr complaint? Been thinking to change to Digi Broadband, but now need to double consider after reading yr comment:p

      • Very disappointed. They offer 16gb internet quota 16gb stream free and 8gb stream on demand,but even though u watch YouTube,they still deduct your internet quota,not steam free.i already subscribed Unifi 30mbps. I’ll cancel Digi broadband after contract end on next year April. If they cannot do this,they better don’t advertise 16gb stream free.


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