How to calibrate Galaxy S4 screen colour?

You can improve Samsung Galaxy S4 screen display colour with preset 5 screen modes – Adapt display, Dynamic, Standard, Professional photo and Movie. However, they may not suit you totally. Some colours might slightly go off a bit. No worry, there is a way to calibrate Galaxy S4 Super AMOLED screen. Control brightness, edge enhancement, chroma saturation and white colour balance. For example, if you feel that there is too much green colour, just reduce the green gain in STweaks application. Or increase red gain value to make red colour more. That’s it. You can have a perfect screen colour if you have calibrator to help you.


How to calibrate Samsung Galaxy S4 screen colour?
Good thing does not come by default. Yup, you need to install Galaxy S4 custom kernel in order to enjoy this feature. And use STweaks to configure the screen colour that you prefer. Make sure that you check both Enable register hook and Enable master sequence. Else nothing will take effect. That’s all.