How to check Sony Ericsson mobile phone manufacture date?

Want to buy Sony Ericsson mobile phone? Scare that you get an old phone? Here is a simple guide to check the manufacture date or your mobile phone birthday. πŸ˜›

Open the case, get out the battery. You will see a lot of serial number. Find something like 07W11 in there. 07 indicate the year while W11 mean 11th week. This tell that your mobile phone was manufactured at around end of March 2007.


  1. hi can we check a event manager or logs in sony ericcson mobile s500i.
    actually i wanna check when did I store a number, i mean the date….

    • To check weather Sony Ericsson’s cell phone is original or not, same as the method to check your phone’s birth date. Take out your battery and see weather your phone or battery there got Thorus’s sticker stick at there or not. that’s the proof of original Sony Ericsson.

  2. hi,dude…..i wen thru the instruction as u said, n i found ‘software info’ while checking my fon details….but, i donow hw to read it…….can u plz help me on this, bro???

  3. sir i have sony ericsson neo v phone how can check this mobile original or not kindly conform i have doubt this mobile made from china

  4. Hi

    My friend brough Sony Experia Arc S for 19,500/- yesterday (9th July 2012), the cost of that phone is around 24,000/- to 25,000/- online as well as in shops. so i am wondering how come he got it for 19,500/-.

    The mobile box was selled and IMEI number is also matching.

    Please suggest something about it.



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