How to enable Flash on Galaxy S4?

How to enable Adobe Flash on Samsung Galaxy S4? Seriously, who need to use Flash nowadays? Personally, I don’t care about Flash at all on my mobile devices. But there are certain websites which still using Flash content as their main page. You can’t continue without Flash installed. They should change into HTML5 standard but not yet. So Flash is a must on Galaxy S4 when browse those websites.

Adobe Flash Player on Samsung Galaxy S4

How to enable Flash on Galaxy S4?
Get yourself a web browser that support Flash like Firefox. Note – Samsung stock browser and Google Chrome do not support Flash. Then install Adobe Flash Player apk here. Enjoy Flash content on Galaxy S4 then.


  1. hi!thanks for your website!
    have u noticed any heating issues with your S4?
    my cousin knows of 22 devices being returned because of overheating issue (pune,india)
    thanks and regards

  2. First,I wanna say I love your site and the info you provide.Your help made my conversion from Blackberry to S3 really easy last year. now I now have a I9500 is there a root for this device as yet,Like the CF root with theS3?If not any idea when it drops?


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