How to get to Master League at Town Hall 8 in Clash of Clans?

Getting to Crystal League in Clash of Clans is quite easy. I got it with Town Hall 6. How about getting to Master League? Well, it is not as simple as Crystal League. Yes, you can still snipe town hall all the way up to Master League. However, lot of time is needed as lesser ‘farmer’ (town hall outside walls) on that trophy range. And you get crushed easily even with TH9 defenses as most of them are high offence TH10 players up there.

Master League at Town Hall 8

With Clan War, there are lesser farmers. But thing is going to be better as SuperCell is going to release war base layout for Clan War in coming update. So there should be more town halls outside the walls then.

League All-Star
Crystal I with TH6

As you can see, you still can reach Crystal I even with TH6 troops. This guy will get reach Master League soon. Personally, I use Balloonions (Balloon and Minion) as my troops. Don’t think that you can defeat TH10 100% with TH8 level troops. But you can hope for 50% for 1 star. Anyway, just use the troop combo that you prefer. Look for base that you can get 1 star by defeat more than 50% or snipe town hall. Be sure to have enough gold, elixir and dark elixir before trophy pushing. You can reach Master League too.