Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Experience App

Want to know more about Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Samsung has a nice application just for you – Galaxy Note 3 Experience. Yes, you can learn everything about this amazing phablet through easy to use interactive application. Discover key features like Air Command, Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screen Write, S Finder, Pen Window, Multi Window, Direct Pen Input, S Note, Easy Clip, Glance Notification, Hands Free Call and Memographer (from Galaxy Gear). Watch all the hands on videos and experience them. And be sure to check out the accessories that you can get for your Galaxy note 3 too.

Galaxy Note 3 Experience

Get Galaxy Note 3 Experience here and try it. So which is your favourite Galaxy Note 3 feature?


  1. thanks jayce and hi

    how do you clean screen of your note 3….though i have my protector on it but still it becomes quite dirty with daily usage ……so what do you do for it …? any precautions ?


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