How to change CSC on Galaxy S4?

Want to change to other region Samsung Galaxy S4 firmware? Install it manually with Odin is not the only way. You can do so by changing CSC. But it is limited to your current firmware multi CSC packages only. Some Galaxy S4 firmware does not have multi CSC packages but only one. So you can’t change CSC at all. What is CSC? CSC has software packages specific to particular region, carrier branding and also APN settings for data connection, MMS for service provider. And it enables certain features on that region too (ex, HD voice). So by changing to that CSC, you can enjoy that features too.

Multi CSC packages on Galaxy S4

How to change CSC on Samsung Galaxy S4?
CSC Changer is tool that you need. Select the CSC that you prefer. Note – changing CSC will factory data reset your Galaxy S4 – all data will be deleted.