How to protect your Android device from Stagefright MMS Hack?

A recent study discovered that more than 95% Android devices are affected by a serious vulnerability in the Android system. Yes, bugs fly from time to time. Based on the researchers, these vulnerabilities allow attackers to take complete control of your Android smartphone with zero interaction with just receiving a specially-made multimedia message (MMS). And this MMS hack is called “Stagefright”. Well, here is the good news and bad news. Good news is that fix is already being done and available. But the bad news – it will take a while for your Android device to receive this security fix from manufacturer. Worst part – older devices will not receive any security update on this at all. So how to protect your Android device from Stagefright MMS Hack? Read on to find out…

By the way, here is how Stagefright work… The attacker sends a MMS to your android device. Then they will have complete control over your device. And you won’t know it. The attacker then can control it without leaving any signs and might steal your important data, accounts and passwords. Luckily, here is a simple and easy fix to this Stagefright MMS Hack. Disable MMS! Yes, it is as simple as ABC. I believe most of us do not use MMS nowadays since we have lot of online chatting tool like WeChat, WhatsApp and LINE… Therefore, disable MMS should not be a big deal.

How to turn off Auto-receive for MMS?
Well, the actual steps will be different depend on Android device and OS version. But process should be most likely the same. Basically, go to your Messaging app. Select Settings. Look for Multimedia message (MMS) settings. Disable Auto-retrieve. That’s it.

This is the easiest fix to this Android MMS vulnerability and will keep your Android phone and tablet safe. Cheer…


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