How to restore stock software on Kindle Fire? (Video)

How to restore stock Amazon Kindle Fire software from custom Android ROM like CM7? That’s the question that you will ask when you want to return Kindle Fire to Amazon for service or warranty claim. Thanks to TWRP 2.0 Recovery, we can restore stock software to Kindle Fire easily. So no worry and go ahead to try out custom recovery, custom kernel, custom ROM… You can restore stock software on Kindle Fire back by just follow below step by step guide.


  • TWRP 2.0 Recovery
  • Kindle Fire Software Update

Most of you should have TWRP 2.0 Recovery installed because you need it to install custom Android OS like CM7 ROM. Do install TWRP 2.0 Recovery if you have not.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Connect USB cable to Kindle Fire.
  2. Mount it as USB Mass Storage mode.
  3. At PC, rename Kindle Fire Software Update bin file to
  4. Copy to Kindle Fire SDcard (root level).
  5. Turn off USB Mass Storage mode.
  6. Unplug USB cable.
  7. Power off Kindle Fire.
  8. Power on it.
  9. Press power button until light turn orange.
  10. TWRP 2.0 Recovery will be loaded then.
  11. Select Wipe.
  12. Select Cache then Wipe cache.
  13. Select Dalvik Cache then Wipe dalvik-cache.
  14. Select Factory Reset then Factory Reset.
  15. Go back to Home.
  16. Select Install this time.
  17. Then select
  18. Select Flash after that.
  19. After installed, select Reboot System.
  20. That’s all.

As you can see from the video, I managed to remove TWRP 2.0 Recovery and CM7 ROM from Kindle Fire. Then installed stock software update 6.2.1 on Kindle Fire. No worry about warranty issue when send your Kindle Fire to service now.

Download Kindle Fire Software Update here.