How to restore stock software on Kindle Fire? (Video)

How to restore stock Amazon Kindle Fire software from custom Android ROM like CM7? That’s the question that you will ask when you want to return Kindle Fire to Amazon for service or warranty claim. Thanks to TWRP 2.0 Recovery, we can restore stock software to Kindle Fire easily. So no worry and go ahead to try out custom recovery, custom kernel, custom ROM… You can restore stock software on Kindle Fire back by just follow below step by step guide.


  • TWRP 2.0 Recovery
  • Kindle Fire Software Update

Most of you should have TWRP 2.0 Recovery installed because you need it to install custom Android OS like CM7 ROM. Do install TWRP 2.0 Recovery if you have not.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Connect USB cable to Kindle Fire.
  2. Mount it as USB Mass Storage mode.
  3. At PC, rename Kindle Fire Software Update bin file to
  4. Copy to Kindle Fire SDcard (root level).
  5. Turn off USB Mass Storage mode.
  6. Unplug USB cable.
  7. Power off Kindle Fire.
  8. Power on it.
  9. Press power button until light turn orange.
  10. TWRP 2.0 Recovery will be loaded then.
  11. Select Wipe.
  12. Select Cache then Wipe cache.
  13. Select Dalvik Cache then Wipe dalvik-cache.
  14. Select Factory Reset then Factory Reset.
  15. Go back to Home.
  16. Select Install this time.
  17. Then select
  18. Select Flash after that.
  19. After installed, select Reboot System.
  20. That’s all.

As you can see from the video, I managed to remove TWRP 2.0 Recovery and CM7 ROM from Kindle Fire. Then installed stock software update 6.2.1 on Kindle Fire. No worry about warranty issue when send your Kindle Fire to service now.

Download Kindle Fire Software Update here.


  1. Love the site dude. I just saw your new videos on installing adb drivers. Do you have the link to download the driver folder and what version of kindle utility did you USE?

  2. Hi Jayce Maybe you can help me, I have the twrp v2.0.0 installed on my kindle fire but always than I turn it on it goes to the twrp interface after the yellow fired triangle,but I don’t know how to going out of there , I want to reset my kindle to the original software but is stocked in the twrp 2.0 interface the USB connection doesn’t works to put the recovery file on it, could you help me please?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  3. Hi Jayce I will Tell you what is happened from your first council, If I try to Boot in Normal mode “4000” the Kindle is freeze in kindle fire words, if I start it in recovery mode it always going to recovery mode, how can I going out from recovery mode? I need to start the kindle to put it on the 6.2.1 on and restart it from stock mode?

    I really appreciate your help.

  4. Jayce, Thanks for all your help I finnally restore my Kindle Fire to the Stock Software, I found the way to put the files on USB Mode using USB Mount on recovery mode then I Follow up your procedure ….. Finnally the Kindle come back to Live!!!! Thanks a lot!!!
    Happy New Year!!!!

  5. Thanks a lot mate. Really helped me when I thought I had permabricked my kindle. I also want to give a shout out to the developers behind TWRP and Kindle Fire Utility. I would have been completely hopeless without their amazing tools!


  7. Hello, will this work with the new update 6.2.2? I want to return to stock but want to make sure I don’t need the older version in order for this to work…

  8. Hi Jayce,

    i dragged the update file on the kindle, but i can’t find the file in the right half of install screen?

    Thanks alot for helping me out!!

  9. Hello, I was looking at the video. as of right now I can only find 6.2.2 update on amazon.

    can the kindle still be put back to stock for servicing with 6.2.2 , cause from the way I understand it when the update is flashed the KF still will have twrp on it till it does the OTA to 6.2.2 .

    The reason im thinking this is because the KF is still in the recovery after the flash.

    Please explain as im wanting to cover myself before I do all the mods and tweaks right now all.


    Oh and is there a place that I could get the 6.2.1 update from cause that would be great.


  10. @Jayce: Reading your guide, my Kindle fire is directly booting to TWRP and my computer sees the KF as USB mass storage, but when I click the drive it says “please insert disk”. How can I copy to SDCard, when I do not have access? I have tried several times holding the power button and restarting, but eventually it goes straight to TWRP after the yellow triangle. Please help me.

    Step by Step Guide

    Connect USB cable to Kindle Fire.
    Mount it as USB Mass Storage mode.
    At PC, rename Kindle Fire Software Update bin file to
    Copy to Kindle Fire SDcard (root level).

  11. Please help: I have TWRP installed on my kindle but have not copied the ROM. Now the Kindle is wiped and when connected to the computer it detects a drive letter but when I click on it “Please insert a disk…” I am not able to access my Kindle. On restarting the Kindle it goes to the TWRP screen.

    Can somebody please help.


  12. Thanks so much! I got close…but…after my Kindle Fire restarted, it just got stuck at the “kindle fire” page and wouldn’t do anything else. What happened??? =(

      • Well I installed golauncher ex, then everything died. After a hard reset I was stuck at the kindle fire screen. It’s ok, it looks like I’m returning this one. I followed all your steps above to the letter, so it shouldn’t have any signs of rooting anymore. So unfair! I didn’t even want to root it, I installed TWRP to fix the initial problem. Thanks though! =)

  13. Thank you, Jayce! I nearly panicked when I decided to reset my Kindle Fire to factory settings using the stock settings menu. I did not realize that the system would fall back to TWRP before Amazon’s restore feature.

    Your guide showed me exactly what to do, step-by-step! Thanks again for providing a superb resource.

      • No, I tried to reset the kindle to factory using the TWRP method and restoring the kindle software update file but after rebooting it no longer shows the fff wellow triangle nor the TWRP screen, only the kindle fire one. I feel stuck, the drive doesn’t mount into windows and kfu shows:

        ADB Status: Online
        ADB Rooted: No
        Boot Status: Unknown

        Thanks for the help,

  14. Hi, so I’m trying to download the update zip but my download is in a VLC format or something. i can’t seem to change it to that file. I’ve been trying to fix my fire for a week and I know i’m almost there, I’m just stuck on this step.

    What do i do?

  15. Dear Jayce,
    I currently have MIUI 4.0 on my kindle, and want to restore it. I have done everything, got the .zip to appear in the right column, but when I flash it, i get the following:

    E: Failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verification failed

    Do I have to unzip the file before I put it on the Kindle?

  16. Is there anyway to confirm that the recovery image is no longer on the device? Since all the wiping occurred within the recovery system , it’s fairly easy to reason that the recovery itself wasn’t wiped?

    Also, thanks so much for this! Your tutorial makes it super easy, even from the clockwork recovery system that I was using. Thanks again!

    • Another thing, the SD storage, what would wipe that? Or if nothing, what’s ok to delete to TOTALLY return it back to factory settings?

      • Answered my own question with that last one…Under the settings drop down -> More -> Device…performing a second “Reset to Factory Defaults” will wipe the SD data…not sure if that takes care of the Recovery image as well.

    • I’m sorry, I keep answering my own questions, but hopefully this will help others. I’m not sure if it was the secondary wipe from the stock settings menu, or the cache wipe, but after reinstalling FireFireFire, requesting a reboot into recovery didn’t do anything which confirms to me that the recovery system was removed. Thanks again to Jayce for doing the leg work and figuring out to reset to factory! =D

  17. I accidentally cut off the last part of my question: Will these steps accomplish this without leaving evidence of a root?

  18. Thx for the guide.

    I used your steps to restore it to stock, it seems fine but I still have my books that I either sideloaded or downloaded from the Amazon store. Is that normal, I would have thought the factory reset would have removed all data from the device?

    Is that what Will Gordon is talking about? The extra step of returning to factory from the device by going under the settings drop down -> More -> Device…performing a second “Reset to Factory Defaults”?

  19. assert failed: getprop (“ro.product.device”) ==”blaze” ||
    e: unknown command [error_string]
    e: error in /tmp/slideload/
    (status 7 )
    * verifying filesystem..
    * verifying partition sizes..

    error flashing zip ‘/sdcard/’

    please help me

  20. hello jayce…please give me the solution for this…i accidentally wiped everything u can wipe with twrp including sd card and sd ext…if i flash a custom rom it says it is installed but never boots into that rom…i even flashed kernel and rom separately..which didnt work…pls tell me what should i do now..

  21. Hello. My kindle is frozen at yellow fire screen, wont let me enter twrp at all, and would not allow me to install zip, back when i could even get to twp. at this point im pretty much locked out of everything. i turn it off, and back on and it just freezes at yellow fire. no mattr how much i push poower the twrp recovery will not show. what do i do. also, without being able to enter twrp…my computer recognizes that somethings been connected, but i can not access it :/

  22. ok, hopefully this is the last question. say for instance i download the hellfire zip.. do i just put the entire zip file onto my kindle? or do i need to unzip it first and install from that somehow?

  23. Hi,

    I have a problem here, I forgot my kindle fire password. how can I remove these password.
    I already tried by pressing power buttom 20 sec but it didn’t wipe to factory settings.

    help me please.

    • After four failed attempts at entering your password, you’ll be directed to restore your device to factory default settings. This will delete all content on your Kindle Fire and you’ll need to register it again before downloading items from your Amazon account. You can then create a new password for your Kindle Fire.

  24. I cannot install twrp because everytime I try to use Kfu it attempts to boot in fast mode, but firefirefire prevents this eveytime. ‘I have even wiped my memory clean but the evil bootup still exists. Any help?

  25. Please, I used twrp and mistakenly erased my entire sd card. How can i put the rom back on the sd card to flash it, because my pc does not see the kindle as a usb drive anymore? Please need help urgently.

  26. Thanks man… we KFU’d it, nuked the Kindle, installed Android 4.0, nuked it again, and thanks to this incredible webpage, got it back to original Kindle OS and now we’re going to KFU it again. Phew.

  27. I have the kindle rom file, it’s a .bin file. I’ve seen other threads say to rename the file to When I do that it just makes the filename but is still a bin file and does not show up on my kindle when I go to the “install” step. I’ve been searching how to convert a .bin file to a .zip file with no luck. Anyone else have this issue or have any suggestions?

  28. I am unable to change the file type. When I change the name the file type does not change. It’s full file name becomes I don’t know how to change the file type…

  29. I wonder if you could possibly help me. I tried rooting my KF 6.3.1 yesterday with KFU. It worked, but it didn’t. For one, I got a bunch of “access denied” errors while rooting. I went in with Root Explorer, and it doesn’t think I have root access, but I am able to use GO Launcher. The main trouble is that Google Play Store won’t work properly. I can install it, load it, and login, but then if I try to install an app, the store quits and won’t ever open again without a reinstall. Can you offer any advice? Thanks

  30. Hmm, well I did and that worked. Not sure what I was doing wrong. But now, whenever I reboot the KF, if I go to open a book it wants to download it again every time, and books I’ve put on myself just do nothing.

  31. Hi I am praying you can help me out here. I followed all your instructions but when i got to step 17 the file was not there, i looked everywhere for it. While looking my kindle restarted on me and now its on the kindle fire logo screen and will not do anything else.
    My computer does not recognize the kindle like is used to either.

    Any help would be so appreciated.

    Thanks so much


      • Thank so much for the quick reply.
        I cant get off the kindle fire boot screen though.
        how do i go about putting the file on the kindle if i cant get past the boot screen?
        I appreciate your help so much


          • Sorry for all these questions, i figured out how to do that, but i cant figure out how to transfer the files. Nothing pops up on my desktop to do that and when i go to my computer there is nothing there to click on to do it… i doing it wrong?
            from everything i looked up that seemed like the way to do it.

            this is driving me crazy, thanks so much for your help.

              • thanks that seemed to work. Kindle still is not working yet. it looks like it removed twrp because it booted right to the original kindle screen, but im still stuck on that screen, im hoping its just taking a while to boot….its been like 10 minutes, im going to give it a few more and reboot again

                thanks again

  32. Hi all. I seem to have bricked my Kindle as well. I had it rooted using the Kindle Fire Utility. I decided to restore it back to factory, but something went wrong. I was in TWRP and tried to follow these instructions to restore:

    I downloaded the latest file as well, rather than the one in those instructions. Anyway, somehow TWRP went to a gray screen. The logo bar was across the top, and there was a swipable button on the screen, but that was it. Swiping the button took me to a blank screen, no menus. I waited an hour for it to do something else before performing a hard reset. Now the Kindle boots to the original Kindle Fire logo.

    Drivers seem to be fine. I can use adb push, but adb shell commands produce the dreaded “exec ‘/system/bin/sh’ failed: no such file or directory (2)” error. All of the Kindle Unbrick Utility options produce either that error or “waiting on device”. Kindle Fire Utility shows ADB Status: Online Boot Status: Unknown. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get back into TWRP, and I can’t mount the Kindle as a drive from Windows.

    Am I stuck with having to buy a factory cable at this point, and if so, what do I do to fix it once I have that?

  33. Same problem, “exec ‘/system/bin/sh’ failed: no such file or directory (2)” shows up for 2 lines, then the Kindle reboots to the Kindle Fire logo.

  34. Ok, so I tried doing this and I used the latest TWRP (2.2) but I can’t actually get into TWRP. I hold down the button when the logo is blue and then select the Recovery option and…nothing. Finally it just boots normally. Any ideas?

  35. Thank you very very much!I bought KF already with TWRP installed and actually did not know about that. After hours of troubles with KF and also with my pc its restored and as a new one! Thanks again

  36. Hey Jayce thanks for your guide!!
    I had this problem on the fire. Whenever i try to start the stock keyboard, an error shows up saying:
    The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    The only option i get is force close. What can i do to solve this??
    Thanks for your time!!

  37. Hi Jayce,

    I am having trouble converting the bin file to a zip file and getting it to work. when I change the name to it remains a bin file. And when I used WinZip, it didn’t work.

  38. i cant for some reason on the last step of the process have the option to hit FLASH why dont i have that and without that i can install anything

  39. Hello Jaycees. After I have done all of the steps to restore my device, can I renamed the update back to kindle fire software update? I know it dosen’t matter but……

  40. Thanks for the great advice!
    Haven’t used my Kindle since last Christmas as it was stuck on the Start screen.
    Got it out yesterday and followed your instructions and voila!
    Running the latest update no probs at all, your a wheel!

  41. Hi

    I tried to remove ICS and reinstall the KINDLE FIRE software. Somewhere down the line it did not install properly and now it is not booting. I have no operating system by the way things look. It is not booting just a blank screen.

    What can I do?

  42. i received a kindle fire as a gift, it was bought on ebay. They did not notice it was a store demo. It has the store demo software on it. How do I go by getting real working software loaded on it? thanks

  43. I’ve tried doing this, but now I’m stuck in a screen just blinking the teamwin logo (going on for quite some time now…) – What can I do ?
    (After the install, teamwin logo cam up after some seconds, and goes off for a sec or so each 5 seconds, roughly..)

    THANKS for any help !

  44. Thanks a lot. When I was doing that myself, I did not care to wipe these bunch of staffs, that resulted in a auto-restarting device.

  45. kindle Fire 1st generation is frozen on kindle logo, and it will not boot up either after trying to reset back to factory setting using TWRP. Tried connecting device to computer, but the device is not found. Any idea on how I can reset it back to factory? Thank you!

  46. Hi Jayce,
    First off I like your site a lot. Good work.
    Need your help if possible. I tried to reload my Kindle Software, I followed your steps, but get to the point of the install and I get “Error flashing zip ‘/sdcard/’ and connot proceed. I know that the file inside the zip is the bin file, but it seems to not be unpackable. I downloaded it from the Amazon site directly. Any suggestions?
    Thanks again!

      • No offense Jaycee, but your instructions for the average sophistication level of a tablet user trying to do an OS revert is pretty vague and confusing. With most of the vital steps missing. I’m 7+ years exp. as a field technician and even the instructions I receive to complete a job include 70% more “step by step” info on this particular job.
        Conclusion: Add more instructions for god sake lol.

    • Hi Jayce, I got it to install finally. The problem was not having the Amazon updated extracted before installing. When trying to install the .bin, twrp cant open it and fails. Thanks again, I am back to Kindle Fire mode.

  47. Ok so, I followed all the steps in your tutorial, but previously, I wiped the SD card. When I do your process, it says on the screen:
    –Verify md5 for /sdcard/
    –Md5 file not found
    –Aborting install
    E:Cannot load volume /misc!

  48. This tutorial was a life saver!!

    I bought a used kindle fire with android already installed for my 5 year old(i know, bad idea). well, as if i didnt know it would happen he got into some files he shouldn’t of and the kindle would not load. i was starting to get upset because i could not find a place with a simple tutorial(along with my fear of anything linux based) till google sent me to your awsome site. i have his kindle back to stock and he’s back playing minecraft. Thank you so much.

  49. Hello Jay! Thank you for the life-saving tutuorial! Just wondering if you could assist me in something. I have gotten my Kindle Fire 1st Gen back to stock rom as instructed, but now I have lost the TWRP 2.0. When I start up my kindle now, I no longer see the Yellow Triangle and cannot access TWRP any longer. I connected the current stock kindle to my pc and I still see the TWRP files along with the other custom rom downloaded. My question is how do I access the TWRP 2.0 again for customization? Many thanks!

  50. Hello,Jayce

    Thank you so much for your tutorial. I received a kindle fire as a gift from my friend ( I belive he did rooted the KF ) and I tried to restore stock software on KF but I cant access into TWRP unless I selected the factory data reset, then I just able to access into TWRP 2.0. Could you guide me how to restock back to factory setting? Thank you so much

  51. I received my kindle fire as a gift and it already had a custom ROM (some version of CM, I’m not sure which one) and was good with using the KF as a tablet, but it recently updated and now doesn’t work as anything. The only way to mount my kindle is in TWRP. I tried following your steps and when installing the zip file I got an error message saying
    Verify md5 for /sdcard/
    No md5 file found!
    Aborting install
    Error flashing zip ‘/sdcard/update/zip’
    I have twrp v2.2.0
    What do I do? I would love to have my kindle fire back to stock instead of using CM. Thanks!

    • Figured that part out, now kindle is back to stock, except every few seconds I get an error message saying “sorry, android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again” I’m not able to use the keyboard to do any setup or anything. I guess I gotta play around some more (gunna try updating to newest version of KF software) and hopefully I’ll get it.
      Thank you for the step by step tutorial!

      • If anyone else has this problem… the fix is to do a factory reset after getting the kindle fire software updated.

  52. I have kindle fire HD 7 with stocked software but it have no TWRP and I don’t know what I have to do…
    Please help…

  53. I have a 1st Gen Amazon Kindle Fire and it doesn’t have an OS. I’ve tried a few computers and they don’t recognize the KF… how can I mount it as a USB Storage?

  54. this does not work. I erased everything off my kindle except twrp and it will not flash this update. keeps giving me an error message

  55. Actually, I have no need of removing it from my Kindle, it bothering me because every time I am turning my Kindle on, it booting directly to TWRP even when I change the boot priority with the power button during the boot process and I have to reboot the system and then, it booting to kindle fire it self. All this process take almost 5 minutes every time that I want to use my Kindle Fire. If I can change that behavior, and make it boot directly to kindle Fire, I will be happy.

  56. I’ve install the latest version of TWRP and it dosen’t change the beavior but I found this text about a error update. I don’t know how to fix it.


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