How to swap Galaxy S4 internal and external storage?

Where is ext2int mod for Samsung Galaxy S4? I want to swap Galaxy S4 internal storage and external SD card. Yes, we all know that 16GB Galaxy S4 has lesser usable user storage compare to Galaxy S3. And it is surely not enough for gamers. Most of the Gameloft games are in 1 GB of size. Some even more. Well, you are out of luck for the moment. There is no ext2int mod for Galaxy S4 yet. Furthermore, I don’t recommend using it on Galaxy S4 personally. Why? Galaxy S4 internal NAND memory is 6 times faster than external SD card on reading and 3 times on writing. Therefore, your Galaxy S4 will be a lot slower if you do so.

Move individual folder instead. Yes, don’t swap the whole internal storage and external storage. Move big size files and folders to slower external SD card only while keep all other stuffs intake on internal storage. Okay? This guide will help you then – How to move Galaxy S4 apps & games data to external SD card?

ExtSd2InternalSd for Galaxy S4

Update – for those who wish still want to swap Galaxy S4 internal and external storage with ExtSd2InternalSd. Please refer to this guide at XDA Forum (link). Note – I9500 only.


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