How to take Samsung Galaxy S II screenshot?

Yeah… I thought that I need to root Samsung Galaxy S II first before I can take screenshot. All the screenshot capture applications like ShootMe, Screenshot It and Screenshot need your phone to be rooted first in order to work properly. However, Samsung Galaxy S2 does not need those screenshot capture applications because you can take Samsung Galaxy S2 screenshot with its own build in function…

Samsung Galaxy S II Screenshot

How to take Samsung Galaxy S II screenshot?
Just press Home button (don’t let go) then quickly press and release Power button to take screenshot of your Samsung Galaxy S2. The screenshot is added to ScreenCapture folder then.

More Samsung Galaxy S II tips and guides will be coming out. Stay tuned…


  1. I have the galaxy epic 4g and Just updated it to 4.1.2 I can not figure out how to take screen shots. It is to be the home button and the button. But since the update It just doesn’t work anymore plz plzz help, thanks everyone


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