How to unlock / jailbreak & sideload apps to Windows Phone 7?

I still don’t have Windows Phone 7 activation code from Microsoft until now (failed to get it when WP7 launched on HTC HD2, and don’t bother to get it now too). Therefore, I cannot access to Windows Marketplace officially. However, that does not stop me from testing WP7 applications because I can unlock / jailbreak WP7 and sideload apps into it. I tested on Windows Phone 7.5 build 7720 XBmod-Yuki ROM and manage to install custom applications with Multiple Xap Installer and Tom XAP Installer. Not sure this will work on other native WP7 phones or not. Try it out if you want…


  • Windows Phone 7
  • Zune Software (link)
  • WP7 Update Cab Sender

How to unlock / jailbreak & sideload apps to Windows Phone 7?

  1. Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
  2. At PC, enter WP7-Update-Cab-Sender folder.
  3. Go to ‘if needed install this tool’ folder.
  4. Install Setup-UpdateWP (x64 for 64 bits Windows and x86 for 32 bits Windows).
  5. Copy to WP7-Update-Cab-Sender folder.
  6. Run WP7 Update Cab Sender.bat.
  7. Then type S – (S)end Cabs to device.
  8. After finished installation, close WP7 Update Cab Sender.
  9. Disconnect USB cable from phone.
  10. Use Multiple Xap Installer or Tom XAP Installer to sideload apps.
  11. That’s all.

Refer to this video if you don’t know how to use WP7 Update Cab Sender.

Download WP7 Update Cab Sender here.
Download here.


  1. Jayce…followed your awesome instructions…now enjoying the full benefits of xbox and yuki rom…this is an awesome rom…everything works…unlocked…bluetooth, wifi you name it…just like window 7 Mango stock…Did mango come out yet? Are we the first to enjoy this? anyways I love my HTC HD2 even more…I got no problems so far…I think some people are having problems because they maybe using other SD Cards…I am currently using 32G Sandisk Micro SD Card…Dual booting with SD American Android Build along with mango…Jerome

  2. Thanks for all the tutorial, need another help, after installing WP7 7004, Total Storage is 15.73 MB and Available Storage is 10.17, do u think is this correct or am i missing some step again, kindly clear me, thanks again

  3. Yes, i have Sd card, 7.5 gb which i format in FAT32 as the way describe here, also plz can u guide me how can i chk phone memory + SD card memory as i m not seeing any such option,thanks

  4. It would work great if there would not miss a certificate… At least I Think this is the Problem. (error code: 800B010A is printed in Cab Sender).
    Do I need a Certificateor is the Problem elswhere?

  5. Hi Jayce…Im using the HTC HD7. Currently the os version is 7.0.7392.0 i really want to unlock my phone…just want to get your advice before i follow your instruction that if it will work on my phone? And what version my phone will turn out to be?

    sorry for asking so many questions (im pretty new with this). do you hv any idea that where can i download the app or games in xap files?

  6. Btw i saw another thread from your website is abt revive sd card~ which one should i follow 1st, this post or the revive sd post? Coz i was think to dual boot my phone since the sd card can’t be detect by the pc. Another issue here is when i follow this post in unlocking my phone, it just freeze after the update even i reboot it, this had force me to reinstall the whole rom… any idea why is this happening?

  7. at installing step i m facing an error
    Update device 13056157 – 286007d4 – 37d0005d – ff ……….. complete with error : 800B010A, errr message: A certificate chain could not be built to trusted root authority

    plz help me to unlock my surround 7. which i updated to wp 7.5

  8. hey i tried this but after pressing s i get the error.. the specified path is not found “updateWP is not recognized as an internal or external command..
    wat do i do now.. tried the steps with chevoran even that is not working.. i have the key from microsof but when i try to download anything from market i get the error try it later…

  9. I forgot to mention my phone model … My model is Samsung Focus …
    Can u guide me with unlock process of Samsung focus … My phone is not a developer device …

  10. Just to ask, will this work with Samsung Omia W GT-I8350
    OS : Windows Phone 7.5 Mano Version : 7.10.8107.79

    It has only 8GB of Internal Memory. No External Storage

  11. Hey! i downloaded this zip file from your link and unlocked my windows phone for hd2 before.
    but after reinstallation now when i am trying to do it from your link or the link provided in xda forums its not working!! :/ what do you think is the problem?
    i have downloaded windows phone 7 (Xbmod) and upgraded it to 7.5 mango. every other .cab files are working fine, but its getting unlocked… what do you think might be the problem? :/

  12. pls can someone help me out with my windows phone7?
    i cant do anything with it. and is it possible for me to have android running on it?


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