How to unlock / jailbreak & sideload apps to Windows Phone 7?

I still don’t have Windows Phone 7 activation code from Microsoft until now (failed to get it when WP7 launched on HTC HD2, and don’t bother to get it now too). Therefore, I cannot access to Windows Marketplace officially. However, that does not stop me from testing WP7 applications because I can unlock / jailbreak WP7 and sideload apps into it. I tested on Windows Phone 7.5 build 7720 XBmod-Yuki ROM and manage to install custom applications with Multiple Xap Installer and Tom XAP Installer. Not sure this will work on other native WP7 phones or not. Try it out if you want…


  • Windows Phone 7
  • Zune Software (link)
  • WP7 Update Cab Sender

How to unlock / jailbreak & sideload apps to Windows Phone 7?

  1. Connect USB cable from PC to phone.
  2. At PC, enter WP7-Update-Cab-Sender folder.
  3. Go to ‘if needed install this tool’ folder.
  4. Install Setup-UpdateWP (x64 for 64 bits Windows and x86 for 32 bits Windows).
  5. Copy to WP7-Update-Cab-Sender folder.
  6. Run WP7 Update Cab Sender.bat.
  7. Then type S – (S)end Cabs to device.
  8. After finished installation, close WP7 Update Cab Sender.
  9. Disconnect USB cable from phone.
  10. Use Multiple Xap Installer or Tom XAP Installer to sideload apps.
  11. That’s all.

Refer to this video if you don’t know how to use WP7 Update Cab Sender.

Download WP7 Update Cab Sender here.
Download here.