How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware with Samsung Kies?

Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S II firmware with Samsung Kies is a very simple task. Basically, you just need to open up Samsung Kies. Then plug in USB cable to your Samsung Galaxy S2. Continue the firmware upgrade by following the onscreen instructions. Anyway, I have a picture step by step guide for those new beginners to firmware upgrade. No worry, it is really as simple as ABC…

You will get a pop up if a new firmware version is available when you connect Samsung Galaxy S2 to Samsung Kies. Just click Update to start the firmware upgrade process.

Or click Firmware upgrade if you miss out the pop up.

Read all the instructions carefully. Then check I have read all of the above information. Finally, click Start upgrade.

Select those components that you wish to backup. Then click Continue.

Backup completed. Click Complete to continue…

It will take some times (depend on your Internet connection speed) to download new firmware from Samsung server. The firmware file is usually 200 MB to 300 MB.

Your Samsung Galaxy S2 should boot into download mode during this stage. As usual, don’t disconnect the USB cable.

Firmware upgrade complete

Your Samsung Galaxy S2 should be rebooted by itself after success firmware upgrade. That’s all. Enjoy the latest official firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2.