HTC One X hardware quality suck!!!

I always suspect that my HTC One X has hardware issues. Well, I was wrong because HTC Service Center in Penang, Malaysia said that my HTC One X is perfectly fine after days of diagnosis. So I can’t enjoy One to One Exchange on HTC One X. All HTC One X hardware issues like screen flex, overheating and Bluetooth connection issue that I faced is considered normal to HTC. So this translate HTC One X hardware quality suck!!! Really disappointed with HTC after the legendary HTC HD2 that I love. HTC smartphone quality is getting worst nowadays…

HTC One X hardware quality suck!!!

HTC One X screen flex is a feature
Hey, HTC One X screen flex is one of the features. However, HTC One X demo unit in HTC sale booth does not have this screen flex feature. And based on CNET, Daniel Hundt, creative director at One & Co, HTC’s design consultancy mentioned that: “I was not aware of that — maybe this is not a shipping build. We would never let that ship.” But HTC Service Center personal did not even mark down this as complaint note and gave “it is a characteristic of the technology of the LCD screen” as reason. So is this a feature or defect? For your information, I don’t have this feature on my other devices with capacitive touchscreen. No, HTC HD2 does not have this feature too. I wonder why…

Super hot HTC One X is another feature
Oh my… Will my HTC One X explode? I am getting more than 60 °C temperature on my HTC One X? Up to 63.8 °C to be precise. Seriously, HTC One X is the hottest smartphone that I ever use. It is too hot to handle with hands. But HTC insists that overheating is part of the hidden bundled features. And it is perfectly normal for smartphone to get warm while play games or surfing internet for a long time. Yes, warm (around 45 °C) is normal but not hot (63.8 °C) like this…

HTC One X overheat up to 63.8 °C

Poor HTC One X Bluetooth connectivity
My HTC One X faces Bluetooth connectivity skipping, get disconnected and signal loss issues. And have poor Bluetooth coverage range too. However, all these are considered normal to HTC too. No issue found from HTC Service Center. I am really happy that I have these Bluetooth connectivity skipping, get disconnected and signal loss as part of features. Well done, HTC…

Unresponsive touchscreen while charging
Since I already at HTC Service Center in Penang, Malaysia, I also reported that my HTC One X touchscreen is not responsive while charging. No issue on normal usage, just face it while charging. Suspected my HTC One X charger has issue. But it turns out to be good as well.

Wow… I must have put too much hope and high expectation on HTC latest flagship smartphone ~ HTC One X. Expected HTC will be better after losing lot of market shares to Samsung. So I promised myself and gave HTC One X a try. However, based on my observation and experience. HTC does not fulfill my expectations at all. No more HTC devices for me anymore…

P/S – HTC Service Center (SiS Distribution (M) Sdn Bhd) in Penang, Malaysia did not call me after finished diagnose my HTC One X. I myself needed to call them twice to follow up. Poor HTC customer service too…


  1. I also stuck with the One x, only I “like” is the camera…. Hope can change my mind not to spend $ and switch to S3…..

  2. was this device even tested before shipping? one issue is normal but it has serious issues and considering its a flagship phone.

  3. Just some comments based on my unit.

    Screen flex – mine is ok. no problems.

    Hotness – only very rarely when I play games. Suspect due to poor programming in the game itself not due to HTC issue.

    bluetooth – used plantronics headset (voyager pro, m50 and backbeat 903+) for phone calls and music in the gym, all no problems.

    touchscreen when charging – if I use a 3rd party USB charger it has jumping touchpoint. This is due to the charger being unshielded and the power point having high magnetic interference. switched to official HTC charger, no problem.

    Aries (I do not work for HTC btw)

  4. I was still have doubt to jump camp from HTC to Samsung. Now you give me a few more reasons. hahah. Btw, I am still using my HTC Touch Elfin. Ouch!

  5. Had the Bluetooth skipping, but after latest update AND updating Bluetooth speaker firmware no more issues. Else all ok and loving it. Had enough of Samsung toy plastic. Am hoping HTC will update to jellybean faster than Samsung based on S2 experience.

    • s2 better than htc,
      u use wrong firmware n rom that why ur phone bad,
      plastic toy but better hardware,
      polycarbonate nice but screen flex,hardware prob,no quality,waste money

  6. Sorry to hear of your problems on the One X. I would think that with this flagship device they would have better quality control. After our Beloved HD2, I’m sure you’re disappointed. I have the One S and feel a little lost whenever I look at my HD2 sitting on my desk. I hope you get your issue resolved, especially the overheat issue. I know that my One S hit 119° F when I was using Navigate coming out of San Francisco the other day.

  7. Hey Jayce..
    latest news..
    Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with Official XXLQ5 ICS 4.0.4 Firmware..
    more better n more perfect firmware..
    now waiting stable ver jelly bean 4.1 for S2 n S3 😀

  8. I was having a very bad experience with HTC Penang service center too, escalated up all the way to HTC Taiwan. Seems like their level of service never improve huh?

  9. You helped me when I had the desire to partition sd card so maybe I can return the favor. I thought you were much older so probably pg. HTC didn’t pay much attention to you. I suggest you write to SIS in KL and give them this link. Tell them that it is not in their interest to have this kind of publicity and that you will be happy to remove this posting once they offer you an agreeable solution.

  10. i give up of HTC since HTC HD (window OS), believe it or not i changed the screen 6 times within one year. i requested HTC to check my phone hardware, the same replied…your phone is working normally…no problem at all….but then again the screen spoiled and each time need 4 weeks to repair my phone…WTH….

  11. u are so damn unlucky, mine is awesome, no prob at all, in fact, my benchmark is higher than average and never overheat even when i use it for heavy gaming

  12. The hardware stinks, so does the customer service. I bought my phone here in Singapore 5 weeks ago and I’m still waiting for one that works. Two days after purchase, I realised the auto rotate function did not work. I was given a replacement set but that died within a few days – it could not even take/send messages and calls. Basically, two out of two sets that were given to me had hardware issues. Talk about quality control…

    The second set was sent back two weeks ago. I’ve been promised a one-for-one exchange, but I am still waiting for it to turn up. So 5 weeks after I paid for their so-called flagship product, I still don’t have a phone..this is so ridiculous!!!

    I would have thought that after the serious challenges it went through last year, it would leave no stone unturned to make sure it has a great comeback product. It was precisely for this reason that I decided to put my faith in HTC. Being disappointed is a great under statement.

  13. I have this wifi connectivity problem, have to apply pressure or squeeze the phone in order to make the wifi connected. Have complained to HTC center via email and asked me to check by myself in safe mode.

    Same thing happened in safe mode, wifi is not able to connect. Before i sent over to the center for further diagnostic, my HTC One X became dead while i was travelling in overseas. It just died without giving any hint, and could not be charged at all…

    The tech guy from HTC said this is confirmed a hardware failure, and entitled to have one to one exchange, but my question is, are those data inside the phone still can be recovered? As the tech guy told me it is not possible.

    Anyone has a better idea?

  14. Oh my god! Like, seriously?! 63.8 degrees celsius?! My One X never get past 43 degrees. Your One X, I think, can be listed on the Guinness Book of World Records as the hottest phone ever. haha. It’s even hotter than the climate in UAE! LOL. I’m pretty sure it’s a batch issue.

  15. Hi,
    I bought Htc one X just 2days earlier and now it is not turning on.
    I am trying to charge for long time with charger and laptop. but it is not charging or not showing charging light. I hold power button and volume down, but no response.. Would you have any idea? It makes me crazy..Thanks

      • I had to send my device to repair after having several problems with the main board. After nearly 2 months of repair, the device got back to me. Since I got the device back I was having some Wifi problems so I decided to try a factory reset. The device never woke up from that reset (no charge indicator and no option to turn it on).

        HTC devices suck! Since I bought the device I was more time without it cause it didn’t work. It’s now in repair again because HTC are not willing to take responsibility for the faulty hardware.

        5 of my friends have HOX. All of them had to send their devices to repair or have problems with their devices. One of my friends had to replace the main board twice and the entire device once and still has problems with it …

  16. On the One x charging issue. Mine is very particular about the cord I use. Have exchanged this three times for this and other issues. One brand new off-brand cable didn’t work, some older HTC cords did not work. Connecting with PC, One X phone screen would flash, or when charging indicator light would flash or do nothing. I compared my charging port to other micro usb devices and the guts of the One X look thinner. The only cord that seems to work with my One X are the original and an off-brand called Konnet that I think is out of business. There was a guy on eBay sold an iphone powerbank with these cords for about four bucks. Just search Konnet battery he doesn’t have “powerbank” in listing. Hope this helps I think there were even problems with some of the original cables too.


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