HyperX Cloud II Wireless Review – Excellent Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

The best is even better now! Yes, meet HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset. No more wire! It comes with 2.4GHz wireless and up to 30-hour battery now. Enjoy the usual ultra-comfortable thanks to HyperX signature memory foam. Solid build with durable, aluminum frame. Don’t forget the detachable, noise-cancelling mic. It comes with built-in mic monitoring this round. Does it sound great with its 53mm drivers? Let’s find out…

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Package Content
Cloud II Wireless comes in gift box alike packaging just like other HyperX products. Once opened, you can find the headset itself, 0.5m USB-C charging cable, USB adapter, detachable microphone with wind muff, thank you, CE, support information cards and multi-language quick start guide there.

Build Quality & Design
Top-notch build quality. Period. All thanks to aluminium frame that built for long-lasting durability. Stylish in design just like the original wired Cloud II headset. HyperX never lets me down on these.

The volume wheel is loaded on the right ear housing. The rest are located on the left one. Status LED, power/7.1 surround sound button, mic mute/monitoring button, USB-C charge port and microphone port are there. Yes, the ear housings build quality is excellent as well. Sturdy plastic with nice smooth matte touch. You can’t miss the red sharp HyperX logo on the metal plate cover too.

Fit, Comfort & Isolation
Enjoy signature HyperX comfort! Yup, it is a pleasure to wear Cloud II Wireless for long hours comfortably. Thanks to soft padded large earcups and lightweight at 300g. The adjustable and flexible well cushioned headband helps too. Great for long hour of gameplay and music listening indeed. As for noise isolation, it is great as an over-the-ear closed back headphones. Does block some environment noises. In short, you can’t hear outside sound when music is being playback.

HyperX signature memory foam, premium leatherette, weight distribution and clamping force. All of them are well adjusted for longer gaming sessions.

You don’t need HyperX NGenuity in order to use Cloud II Wireless. You can control most of the features on the headset itself. Adjust output volume, toggle 7.1 surround sound, turn on mic monitoring or mute the mic. The software does help to provide battery life in percentage and ability to adjust microphone volume. Personally, I don’t use the software at all. But it’s good to have one.

Performance Result
2.4GHz Wireless connection is fast and stable. Unlike Bluetooth connection which has audio latency between video and audio. 2.4GHz performs perfectly just like wired connection. No lag at all. A must have feature for gamers like you and me. As for wireless range, it is good up to 7m+ with obstacles like wall. Besides Windows PC, it is working on PS4 (PS5 should work too), Nintendo Switch and Android devices as well. Yes, you can enjoy favourite games through PlayStation on big TV screen in the living room.

The flexible, detachable & noise-cancelling microphone is performing very well. My teammate can hear me loud and clear thanks to reduced ambient noise. Don’t limit it to games, you can use it for video phone call during office meeting. Who doesn’t work from home nowadays? By the way, the mute LED will light up in red colour when you muted the microphone. Yes, you can see it easily. In additional, the monitoring function lets you listen to your voice so you’re not speaking too loudly while the mic is on. That’s great!

Based on specs, Cloud II Wireless can last for 30 hours. More than a day of non-stop gaming. Just connect USB-C cable to charge when battery life is running low. Yes, you use the headset while charging it at the same time.

Sound Quality
HyperX 7.1 Surround Sound is excellent! Yes, be sure to set it as 7.1 Surround in the Windows PC Speaker Setup. It does perform very well on the positioning even it’s virtual surround only. You can identify the speaker placement clearly. And you should enable 7.1 surround sound all the time. Why? You get deeper depth and wider soundstage. Sound better in overall as well. The stereo mode sounds flat when compared to it. And everything is closer to ears.

Balanced sound signature is what you get from Cloud II Wireless. The 53mm drivers do a great job in the sound department no doubt. The well-tuned HyperX 7.1 Surround Sound helps. It performs very well in all types of stuff including gaming, music and movie. Home or office? You name it.

In details, the highs are clean and crisp. Not ultra sharp but does its job well. No harshness for sure. Mids are the best among all. Vocals are performing excellent in both male and female. Nice and natural in return. Bass department is kicking too. Powerful deep bass and well in controlled. You won’t get bloated bass level like those budget headset. It’s a pleasure to listen to Cloud II Wireless. That’s for sure!

Being a gaming headset, Cloud II Wireless shines in games. You can hear the rich, impactful sounds of your games with clarity and precision. However, there are no special effects to further bump up the footstep and gunshot sounds. But that’s what I want – natural sounding on games. Period.


  • Excellent virtual 7.1 surround sound
  • Crisp & natural sound sound with amazing bass
  • Sensitive detachable microphone with noise-cancelling
  • Hey, it’s wireless
  • PC, PS4 & Nintendo Switch support
  • Lightweight & ultra comfortable for long hour wear
  • Long battery life
  • Outstanding build quality


  • No AUX support

HyperX Cloud II Wireless is one of the best virtual 7.1 surround sound gaming headsets in the market. Excellent sound for the price. ultra comfortable for long gaming sessions. What are you waiting for? Get yours at Amazon or Lazada now!


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