Install CM ROM easily with CyanogenMod Installer

Love to try custom Android ROM? CyanogenMod makes a special tool for you to ease the job. Yes, CyanogenMod Installer will help you to install CM ROM in easy step by step way. No root access is need. No need to unlock bootloader as well. Only stock firmware / ROM is needed as long as your Android devices are in supported list. Lot of the popular devices like Google Nexus series – Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2012 & 2013) and Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy series like Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note and Note 2, and finally HTC One. I am sure that more devices will be included soon.

CyanogenMod Installer

Interested? Use CyanogenMod Installer (link) to install latest version of CyanogenMod now.


  1. Hi Jayce,

    I’ve used your tutorials before with a HD2 and it was the best.

    Now my daughter has a LG P990 and it has already a cyanogenmod 10.2-20131007-unofficial -p990, that was bought already with it.

    the problem is that it isn´t working very well. the camera is always crashing. and it is very slow.

    Do you recomend another rom?




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