Kingston Is With You – 7-day Memory Challenge

Hey guys, check out the limited-edition memory giftbox by Kingston. It’s part of “Kingston Is With You” campaign which has invincible impact of memories in our lives. And also motivates us to move forward in life. The gift box connects our memories with the five senses. Comes with “7-Day Memory Challenge” cards, Kingston x CSD face mask and DataTraveler Duo USB Flash Drive. Alright, let’s unbox it!

Yeah… This is the limited-edition memory giftbox by Kingston – Memories Empower. Just follow the “7-Day Memory Challenge” cards and re-find ourselves again. Let’s us document the present and blossom into a brighter future…

Before dive into the 7-Day Memory Challenge, have you watched the Memories Empower Micro-Film? Not yet? Please do so now at YouTube

Life is filled with happiness and sadness. Enjoy the joy while fight for the hardship. But make sure that all these memories are well kept. They will be the energy to fuel our future…

Take the girl in the micro-firm for an example. She suffered pain and sorrow due to the natural disaster. Lost everything in one night. Therefore, she tries to remember and keeps all her precious memories by drawing them. The clock tower meant a lot to her. We are the same as well. Be sure to safe-keep all these precious memories.

Day 1 – A Scent to Remember (Let your breath lead the way) is the very first challenge. Yup, take a break now. Enjoy a stroll in the nearest park. Breath the fresh air around you.

Day 4 – A Sight to Remember (Shared joy is double joy!). Don’t let busy routines stop you from capture precious moments with your friends and family members. Baby grows up really fast. Same apply to our parents – getting older each day. Always take photos from time to time. And store them in the safest place. Those are gems in the far future.

Don’t wait special moments to arrive. Create your own ones. Give your wife a special handmade gift. Spend time with your children on their favourite hobby. It might look like a very small thing. But a lot of them will become huge slowly. That’s the close relationship that you want. And memory to remember in your heart.

Besides creating precious memories, an iPhone 12 can be yours too! Or a voucher worth $50 USD. Just join me and complete each of the instructions on the seven-day memory challenge. Discover and create those precious moments. Share them through social platforms. Memories Empower, Kingston Is With You. For more information, please visit Kingston Is With You Campaign site:


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