Malaysian, another 6000 Xiaomi Mi 3 to buy at 27 May 12pm tomorrow

Didn’t manage to buy Xiaomi Mi 3 last week? Well, you are in luck again. Yes, Xiaomi is bringing another 6000 unit of Xiaomi Mi 3 to Malaysia tomorrow 27 May 2014, same time same place. Same apply to Mi Powerbank 10400mAh (5000 units). As usual, get all pre-buying stuffs ready. You don’t want to miss out this round again…

Another 6000 Xiaomi Mi 3 to grab

With lot of powerful devices from China at attractive low price (below RM1000), do you still plan to get flagship device that cost more than RM2000? Xiaomi Mi 3 can do most of the daily tasks already. Of course, it does not have LTE connection. But it will soon be covered by Xiaomi Mi 3s with LTE. Just months ahead…


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