New firmware upgrade for Samsung Galaxy S2 XWKF1

Southeast Asia Samsung Galaxy S II XWKF1 firmware gets new firmware upgrade finally. XWKF1 firmware should be Europe Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware because it has multiple languages but most of them are not in Southeast Asia. Must be a rush for Samsung to sell Samsung Galaxy S2 in Southeast Asia region and missed that. However, the latest firmware for Southeast Asia ~ DXKH2 fixes this issue. If you are using stock XWKF1 firmware, just plug in your SGS2 to Samsung Kies. You should be able to upgrade to the latest DXKH2 firmware if your firmware are based in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines…

Samsung Galaxy S2 DXKH2 firmware

What are the new features in Samsung Galaxy S2 DXKH2 firmware? No Android 2.3.4 yet. It is still Android 2.3.3. But it added Southeast Asia native languages like Simplified Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia… Therefore, your Samsung Galaxy S2 can be in your native language now. Furthermore, it added DioPen Chinese IME for Chinese input and handwriting. And updated Swype with Southeast Asia native languages support too. By the way, Voice Commands app also got updated.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware upgraded now.


  1. Hello Jayce,

    I wanted to root my SGS2 but cancel due to the upgrade.
    With the new firmware upgrade, which CF-root I need to download?

  2. hi, could u please help me to put my galaxy s2 to factory firmware…my phone won’t open again…only thing i get is a black screen with white text and then it get stuck!! i think i did something when upgrading clockworkmod! please help…thanks in advance!

  3. iam using samsung galaxy s2. want to use a pen devise which can be used like normal handwriting pen on the screen for memos, tasks etc etc. Do we have to use Spen which samsung recently announces or any stylus pen will do the job

  4. Bro Jayce
    I enjoy all your tips regarding SGS2.
    I just change my SGS2 to XXKH3. And now I lost my Indonesia language for swype/samsung keyboard.
    Do you have tips/trick how to put back Indonesia language support in xxkh3?

  5. hi Jayce,

    I like your website very much. I thought this new firmware will solve the overheating issue. Unfortunately it is not. So sad. Will version 2.3.4 solve this problem? When will S2 getting the 2.3.4? Estimated when? Thanks. 🙂

    • I don’t think Android version is causing the overheating issue. Anyway, you can try to install other region firmware which is Android 2.3.4 see. No idea on when Southeast Asia will get Android 2.3.4…

      By the way, what is causing your phone overheating? 3D games?

      • normal videos, games and even taking pictures also will overheat. I heard it’s the firmware issue. Most of my friends also encountering the same problem and after they rooted their S2, the problem is gone. But right now i want to wait for the official 2.3.4 release for S2 in Malaysia. 🙂

  6. Hi Jayce, I just checked Kies but there wasn’t any new firmware upgrade. Still having KF1 as the firmware. I am in Singapore anyway using Singtel. Thanks.

  7. Jayce, you might just be my saviour, cause i updated my sgs2 wich i bought in southeast asia, phillipines to be exact, and i recently updated to the latest firmware trough kies and now i only got southeastern languages excluding the english, i really need youre help cause my previous firmware allowed me to have almost all european languages, so please guide me out of this hell XD thank you very very much anyways

  8. Hi…

    is it ok to upgrade my samsung galaxy s2 XWKF1 INTO THIS KF1? however why is it still the version is 2.3.3?(talking about the picture above).

  9. I m from India and I have upgraded my SII via kies and currently got the following upgrades :-
    Baseband Version:- I9100DDKE4
    Kernel Version:- root@DELL101 #2
    Build Number:- GINGERBREAD.XWKF3

    Would like to know if the above upgrade is the latest one. Further post upgrade my camera is showing pink spot which was not there earlier and the same has also affected clarity of pictures. please help.

  10. can anyone help me with the update?

    i tried to update my s2 on kies as it says there an update, but when i try to do it. it doesnt continue it only stays on the part where it say’s FIRMWARE UPGRADE and its just reading. nothing happend.



    can anyone guide me thru this? thanks. ill appreciate it.

  11. Is it really true that when you bought SGS2 from other country you can’t upgrade it when you’re in a different location?? Mine was bought in Qatar and I’m currently in Philippines

      • hazen.. Could you please tell me what was your initial kernel version if you know it.. Im facing echo problems on my phone and i have to return it for warranty. But since i have flashed a custom kernel i dont think i can use my warranty. I bought my phone in qatar too and i dont remember the kernel version.

        jayce. Any ideas?


  12. updating sgs2 with Icecream sandwich.. is it advicable through other sources than the samsung updates.. can u gimme a link for the same… and can u tell me what are the advantages with this update? I am having problems with my sgs2 battery draining.. i gotta charge my set twice a day…

  13. Jayce: Q?

    what is the best or much stable firmware for SGS2? Please let me know. any links?

    what are these people talking about siyah and kernels… combinations and such. im so having trouble reading. im not even understanding them. hahaha. please help. thanks

  14. Yes! im actually using XILA2? the one from Italy. It drains my battery.

    which rom has stability when it comes to battery and wifi and 3g?
    do u know about this kernels and siyah???

  15. im a malaysian and i hav a s2
    model no. : GT-I9100
    Android version :2.3.3
    Baseband version: I9100DXKF1
    Kernel version:
    Build no. : GINGERBREAD.XWKF1
    i’ve been trying to upgrade to via Kies for whole day long. bt stil failed to do so.
    any1 can guide me to update my s2 ? (im nt gud in tech stuff)
    THX alot !! really appreciate if any1 can hlp.

  16. Hi,

    I have samsung galaxy note (GT- I9228) and I bought it from my Asian mate. now it has few things in chinees and also I can’t see all the functionality. I was wondering if you can tell me how can remove everything and install all NZ based firware and everything, please help. really need it to work..thanks

  17. “firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recover mode in kies and try again” — hello jayce, my s2 can’t access in kies emergency firmware recovery and its screen is stuck with that text. do you have any solution for that? thanks bro!


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