New Samsung Galaxy S3 XXBLG1 Firmware Upgrade for Singapore & Malaysia

Yeah… Samsung Galaxy S III users at Singapore and Malaysia can celebrate today because there is a new Samsung Galaxy S3 XXBLG1 Firmware Upgrade for you. But not for me as I am using custom ROM ~ CheckROM EvoHD which based on XXBLFB Firmware (Europe). And this XXBLG1 Firmware Upgrade should have the same features added to XXBLFB Firmware like special effect on camera and auto brightness bar in notification. By the way, XXBLG1 Firmware also has updated modem and CSC to DXLF3 and OLBBLF1.

Special camera effect on Samsung Galaxy S3 XXBLG1 Firmware

Auto brightness bar in notification

You should receive OTA notification about this XXBLG1 Firmware upgrade. No worry if you don’t get it. Just go to Settings – About device – Software update – Update ~ Check for updates. If still no update available, you still can try to get it with Samsung Kies.

Samsung is getting faster and better on firmware upgrade. This is the 2nd OTA update for Malaysia. Hopefully, we can enjoy official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S3 soon…


  1. Dear Jayce,

    I had the update on my rooted Samsung S3 and it seems I lost my root. The CWM app is giving me a message that it was done for a different Kernel. I had done a backup one day ago, should I retrieve that backup or what to do.


  2. Thanks for your quick response.
    I tried to reboot by pushing the volume, power and menu buttons and opening reboot through Odin without luck. It keeps hanged on downloading something without anything else.

    I guess I have to re root again unless there is another way. CWM can not reboot.
    Thanks anyway.

  3. I tried the volume upwards this time and successfully rebooted. But I still didn’t get back my root back. I guess I have to re root.

    Thanks anyway

  4. Hi Jayce,

    Is it good to do the software upgrade whenever there is a new release?
    My Galaxy S3 works fine. But with a new upgrade, will there be bugs and cause my phone or apps to crash?

    This is my main concern.

    As the saying goes, “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken.”


  5. Hi Jayce,

    Btw I kept reading about this term “root” in your comments column.
    What is the meaning of root?


  6. hi jayce, im currently on Rooted Stock Kernel, Upon updating to this new kernel which was available OTA, it removed my root Access, but CWM and Superuser is still on my apps list, but i cant use the apps that require Root Access, what should i do?

  7. Hi, just want to enquire about a bug which I had encountered. There is a no. 1 notification (mIssed call)on my call icon which I can’t get rid of. I have in fact no mIssed call and I have even cleared my call log. But the missed called notification is still there.

    Any advice how to get rid, Jayce?

    Thanks and regards.

  8. Hi.

    I’m already running on XXBLFB version. Do I get any benefits if I update this, or it is not necessary for me to do update since I’m already on XXBLFB?


  9. Hello..

    i was wondering if i upgrade my phone then root it,
    will it be safe? because im worried that it might damage
    my phone and become brick…

    sorry for asking. by the way i just bought it last week..

    thnx in advance.

  10. Hi…

    I just updated a firmware today and now it is running on XXBLG1. After this firmware download, I am unable to receive calls from some of my friends and at times I am unable to call out.

    Please help!

  11. Hi, I tried both OTA and Kies, but both also show no update available. I got my S3 got maxis last Friday, and it’s running XXALF6 firmware. Any advice? Thanks.

  12. why my s3 cant update firmware from the phone?it said already updated latest version..and then i tried to update from kies air, it prompt me to update latest firmware..and always lost connection server when firmware upgrade…so how can i fix it?

  13. Hi Jayce,

    How to the expanded notification bar that have shortcut such as flight mode? Is it different firmware?


  14. Hi,

    I just rooted my S3 DXLF3 and i have the app CMW 3.60 and SuperSU. However, i could never get into the CMW recovery mode no matter what i try. releasing power button after reset, using CMW to get into recovery.

    I have no idea how to get into CMW recovery from here.

    pleasehelp 🙂

    Thanks alot

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