Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2 is here

Finally, the wait is over for Samsung Galaxy S II users. Yes, you can start to enjoy official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S2 from now on. Spain is the first country that gets this XWLS8 firmware OTA update. Samsung really did a good work on keeping up update even on old smartphone model. As usual, there is no change release from Samsung. But from users’ feedback, this official features are about the same as the previous leaked version. Anyway, you can start to install this firmware with Odin manually now. Or wait for OTA update on your region…

XWLS8 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2

As usual, you can install other region I9100 firmware on your SGS2 as long as the model is match as I9100 (Note – you can’t install this I9100 firmware on I9100G model). I9100G users have to wait for a little bit longer…

Installation guide ~ How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 with Odin? (Video)

Download Official 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XWLS8 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2 here (link broken and removed. Sorry…).


  1. am running on

    1900XXLS6 Build number
    kernal version 3.0.31-462349 se.infra@SEP-111 #3
    SMP PREEMPT Tue 6 nov 2012

    rooted via

    jayce can you tell me the difference between both these is yours official Samsung are there any bugs kindly advice

  2. Hi Jayce,

    i have installed the JB 4.1.2 on S2 and the OS is awesome but the battery drains like anything but gingerbread 2.3.6 is excellent battery life about 24-36 hours, please suggest me

  3. Hello Jayce

    Thanks a ton for the piece of info you have provided. I am a die heard samsung user and enthusiast. I like to try new versions of Android on my SGS II. However, now after trying so many of them, I wanted to go back to the original factory firmware and opt for OTA updates for my region. The reason being I have encountered issues with leaked versions and wanted to have the stable version on my phone. I would be really grateful if you could let me know how to go about it. I want to re enable my phone to get updated via KIES.

    Many thanks in advance for your support.


  4. hi,jayce. can I install this even the phone is factory locked to a network?
    if not, it’s there a link you could help me out?
    thank and regards

  5. hi,
    i have a samsung galaxy s2, after i upgrade new android from ICS 4.0.4 to JELLYBEAN 4.1.3, my phone restart and it stuck at welcome screen ”SAMSUNG GALAXY SII GT-I9100”. i tried pull out my battery and reinsert the battery, the samsung wont login to os..and still stuck at welcome screen. what can i do?? i really need your help please…

  6. hi Jayce

    I updated my SGS2 with JB trough Kies. But after updating Kies does not recognize my phone anymore. Any idea what this can be??

  7. hi jayce
    I have this version of JB and rooted it. recently I got OTA update available. is it safe to install? please advice. thanks

  8. hi jayce, got a question, i used the custom xxlsj last dec i think i f use this new XWLS8. can I do it?? factory reset first? no prob at all??? thanks a lot for the help

  9. Hi Jayce, very informative site and easy to follow tutorials from gingerbread to Jelly Bean, no problem with the new firmware. Thanks

  10. Hi Jayce, i just update my Samsung Galaxy I9100 to 4.0.4 ICS, im from malaysia and can i update using this 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ( XWLS8 ) ?

  11. hey jayce,

    I’m havin (GT-I9100G).
    Is there any different way to update this firmware?????
    (Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware)

  12. Hi Jay,

    Currently I have Galaxy S2 packed with ICS 4.0.4 XXLQ6 on Siyah S2 v5.0.1 kernel
    I have troubles with Exchange server sync and thinking to move on 4.1.2
    I am from Europe, so this current FW should be OK for me, right?
    Do I need latest Siyah kernel – S2-v6.0beta5 ? Or I can go with mine old one?
    Full wipe or just go with upgrade, what do you think ?
    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated !

    • Hi tonakis, please make a full CWM backup first. Then try out the new combination. If anything went wrong, you can go back easily.
      New ROM need factory reset. Upgrade no need.

  13. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for fast reply. Under new combination you mean – new ROM ( 4.1.2 ) + new Siyah kernel – S2-v6.0beta5, right ?

  14. Hi Jay,

    Did you ever get any articles regarding not correct function of Microsoft Active Sync account for accessing MS Exchange server ? For – just not working. It just seems that no trying to connect at all.


  15. Hi Jayce!

    Can i upgrade my S2 even it is factory locked? I have Gt-I9100 and its locked to Globe (Network here in Philippines)

    Thank you,

  16. hi Joyce I tried to installed the jelly been 4.1.2 on my s2 with Odin but it much time and pop up FAIL in red color what should I do

  17. Dear jayce
    Just flashed jb 4.1.2 as u suggested bt cud not see that multitasking side bar which I see on sgs 3. Mine sgs 2….is there 4.2.2 update available for sgs 2 ?

  18. hi jayce, so I currently on jelly bean 4.1.2 xwlss. I updated from sammobile using odin from 2.3.3 gingerbread. now I want to go back to gingerbread. it doesnt have to be 2.3.3. any gingerbread is fine. can I downgrade it like when I updated to jelly bean with firmware from Sammobile ? i want to downgrade it with gb files from sammobile too. thanks. cos I confuse with the bootloader that people talk about. they say you cant downgrade from jb to gb cos that bootloader. please help me. thanks so much before

  19. so is it safe to downgrade it from jelly bean to gb. I want to use file fro sammobile. have you ever downgrade fro jb to gb or ics without any bootloader or pit files. because people say it’s ok when you upgrade but not when downgrading. confusing :'( im so going back to gb. jb is pixelated. thanks

  20. any plan on making tutorial about this downgrading from jb to gb/ics without bootloader/pit thingy? (with sammobile files)
    which jelly bean version are you using now? I wonder why the pic on jb not smooth.

  21. Hi Jayce,

    Just wanna share that my Celcom Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 was pushed with an official 4.1.2 JellyBean update just earlier today; baseband version I9100DXLS8.

    Just a very quick and dirty initial impression, does feel marginally slower than 4.0.4.

  22. Jayce should i remove screen protector from my S2 [ GT- I9100 ] ?

    and if i remove it will there any chances of getting scratch on the phone in normal use ?

    because my screen protector got many scratch and i don’t want to apply any more protector on my phone !!

  23. hey jayce….need help…i’ve just flash siyah kernel on my s2 stock jelly bean..need tutorial to remove the yellow triangle…i dont have usb jig..

  24. Hi Jayce,
    Im trying to upgrade my SGH-I727 though kies but it keeps giving me an error message so i decide to try to flash it using Odin and i was wondering if you could link me to the correct Firmware download I need based off the info below. I would very much appreciate the help pls.

    Android Version : 4.1.2 / Baseband Version : I727UCMC1 (Source Via Samsung Kies)

  25. Okay thanks can you give me a link where i can get the firmware for at&t SGH-I997
    old firmware 2.2.1 i want jelly bean 4.1.2

  26. I am facing camera problem .My pictures have white shade ..Here is a sample ..

    Please tell me why is it …I have even replaced the camera twice but not getting clear picture as it was when i bought my mobile.. I am facing this problem since september 2012 ..However it not from begining..
    Image resoultion is full .quality is superfine ..also getting white shadow in video..
    I have reduced the image resolution to upload it easily but i m getting same output at even full resolution (8MP).

  27. Ok. Here is another picture taken with same mobile but with its original camera when it was fine.

    Note that this picture is very clear ,however the sample picture that i have posted before has white shade in whole picture .While 2nd picture(that i am posting now) is clear.

  28. I have tried that do by flashing gingerbrid but the result was same so i switched back to jelly bean again.
    Also its not firmware problem.It is somehow related with exposure . Reducing the exposure reduces this white shade but causes darkness problem . I have no idea to solve it as I have tried to replace the camera to.
    Could it be due to lens problem. I mean misplaced lens from correct place or something like that?
    Can you suggest me any solution to this problem?


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