OXAYOI Akareddo 601 BTURM Review – Karaoke All Day Long with Clear Treble & Decent Bass

70W total power output (RMS), Bluetooth, FM radio, built-in media player (SD & USB), remote control and 2 microphone inputs. Yes, enjoy all these wonderful features from OXAYOI Akareddo 601 BTURM 2.1 Speaker System. Don’t forget the cool blue LED light too. Does it sound great? Let’s find out together…

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Package Content & Design
Everything comes well-protected. Once taken it out, you can find AUX cable, multi-function remote control and user manual. It’s easy to use Akareddo 601. Just go through the guide will do.

Build quality is decent with MDF wood as housing with front glossy plastic panel. The speaker grill is metal by the way. No fancy RGB lights. You have cool in design blue colour instead.

Alright, this is the 40W (RMS) subwoofer. It is loaded with 6.5″ speaker driver in the front. There are large LED display, navigation buttons, master volume, treble, bass, mic volume and echo controls. Follow by 2 microphone inputs at the bottom. The USB port and SD slot for MP3 songs are located on the top.

On the right, there is a bass reflex port. And all the inputs/outputs, FM radio antenna and on/off power switch are located at the back.

Alright, these are the satellite speakers with 3″ driver. Total satellite output (RMS) = 15W each. By the way, there is one driver only in each satellite speaker. The top silver is not tweeter but plain one for design purpose.

Performance Result
Excellent Bluetooth range! It has stable connection and can reach up to 8m with obstacles like wall. In addition, it has virtually no lag between video and audio. That’s great to play games, watch movie and TV drama on mobile devices. FM radio is signal is great and clear too. Thanks to adjustable external antenna. As for the remote control, it can easily serve up to 8m in your large living room.

Just plug in SD card or USB flash drive and it will start to play MP3 music for you. Enjoy your favourite music all day long. Be sure to get yourself a microphone or two. Turn Akareddo 601 into a karaoke machine. Yes, the microphone experience is great thanks to dedicated microphone volume and echo control.

Things to take note. It does not remember audio preferences, modes after power off. Therefore, do keep it as standby else you need to setup volume and EQ settings every time.

Sound Quality
70W total power output (RMS) is enough to blast in a large living room. Sound quality wise, it is decent for the price. Thanks to treble and bass volume control, you can adjust it to suit your personal taste. Personally, I put treble at the middle volume and max the bass. That’s the best settings for me.

After proper calibrated, OXAYOI Akareddo 601 BTURM is still considered a slightly bright speaker to me. In short, treble is a little more than bass. Treble is clear and crisp. Vocals are nice thanks to that. Bass department is decent. But not as deep and powerful as I expected for 40W subwoofer. You still can feel the bumping bass (just though). Overall, it is a decent speaker system in the budget for all type of usages.


  • Clear treble with decent bass
  • Wide Bluetooth range
  • Bluetooth, FM radio & MP3 player
  • Remote control included
  • Microphone slots for karaoke
  • Decent build quality


  • Does not remember audio source, other settings

Enjoy clear treble with decent bass. And a lot of other useful features. Be sure to get yourself the lowest package that comes with free microphones. Wait no more and get your OXAYOI Akareddo 601 BTURM at Lazada or Shopee.


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