Panasonic VW-BN2 DVD Burner Review

Panasonic VW-BN2 is a slim & compact DVD Burner. It is a nice companion to compatible Panasonic camcorder or camera like Panasonic HDC-SD700 HD Camcorder. You can use it to copy your video footage to a compatible DVD disc no matter where you are. And playback DVD to camcorder’s LCD screen or to HDTV when connected to your camcorder.

Panasonic VW-BN2 DVD Burner

Panasonic VW-BN2 DVD Burner Features

  • Portable
      Thanks to its modern and slim design you can take the VW-BN2 DVD Burner with you wherever you go. When you’re ready to burn your movies to a DVD just connect the burner and your camcorder and copy your footage for immediate viewing no matter where you are
  • DVD Playback
      When connected to a compatible Panasonic camcorder you can play back your burned DVDs on the camera’s LCD screen. DVDs and CDs can also be played back on HDTV or analog TV
  • PC Editing
      Using the included USB cable, you can connect your PC, the VW-BN2 and your compatible Panasonic camcorder to copy motion video/pictures that have been edited on your PC to a DVD
  • Compatible Formats

Package Contents
Panasonic VW-BN2 DVD Burner comes in a nice package. It contents Panasonic VW-BN2 DVD Burner, AC adapter, 3 AC main leads for different countries usage, mini AB USB connection cable and operating instructions guides.

Slim & Compact
Package Contents

Performance Results
Panasonic VW-BN2 DVD Burner is easy to use. Just plug in power and connect it to compatible Panasonic camcorder or camera. Then, you can start burning your video footage already. I tested it with Panasonic HDC-SD700 HD Camcorder. It requires around 57 minutes to burn 20 minutes 1080/50p video. Same time needed on AVCHD 20 minutes video on its 8x DVD writing speed. (Note – 45 minutes required to process when we burn using HD Writer AE 2.1 PC software with Panasonic HDC-SD700 HD Camcorder connected.). The video footage can be burned into high definition AVCHD format and standard definition DVD (XP and SP mode).

USB port and DC input

Panasonic VW-BN2 DVD Burner will be perfect if it can be powered by USB cable. Else it will be a handy portable DVD burner indeed. (Note – the AC adapter and main lead are not light and small to carry.) Panasonic VW-BN2 DVD Burner can be connected to PC using USB cable supplied with camcorder. You can use it as external DVD burner for Netbook which does not have DVD drive built-in.

One thing that short off, but it does not caused by Panasonic VW-BN2 DVD Burner itself. You cannot rearrange video sequence to burn. It follows the continue numbers in camcorder. This is the limitation of camcorder. Do take note on it.

Panasonic VW-BN2 DVD Burner is a great portable DVD burner for compatible Panasonic camcorder. You can burn video footage anywhere you want with it. And act as external DVD burner when connected to PC. However, it does not come cheap. Try to get it free during promotion like I did…