How to fix robotic voice in Android HTC HD2?

Hmm… Some of the readers faced robotic voice issue on their Android HTC HD2. You will have robotic voice issue if you did not execute CLRCAD.exe. Besides that, they are 2 factors that will cause it too.

Robotic voice

How to fix robotic voice in Android HTC HD2?

I am using both combination above since day 1. And do not have any robotic voice issue at all. You might want to try it too.


  1. when installing the radio or cookie or both in the phone you have to place it inside sd card where or have to place it in a special place? also do you recomend installing the radio and the cookie or one of them?

  2. i have the android froyo sense on my SD card, and yes i have the robotic voice and i have radio 2.15 and tried to download the coockie energy ROM but somehow the Android doesn’t support it, what am i doing wrong?

  3. I have HTC HD2 with Android 2.2, so when I want to make a call sound is very quiet and also when I get a call the sound is quiet, not to be quiet I have to run spikerfonot and disabled and also handles but only for that call, also to noт have robotic voice, before I turn on my phone the cover from battery must be unplugged, and so will not have a robotik voice but will still be quiet voice when I’m doing or receive calls PLEACE FO HELP Thanks

  4. Hi Jayce,
    I downloaded the Android Froyo on my sd card ( and every thing is working pretty well so far, but the robotic thing cant stop, its really bugging me as i cant hear the person’s voice, the tutorial u have above didn’t really help me, cuz i didn’t understand, please, please give it to me in a better explanation as I am kinda new to this.
    And 1 thing that i didn’t understand was the custom energy ROM, its a windows mobile 6.5 software, and not an Android software, how can it help?!?
    And the CLRCAD.exe, was executed (clicked on) before clicked on haret, the whole operating system is working PERFECT on my Htc Hd2, the only problem is the robotic sound when calling, thats it!
    thanks in advance 😉

    • WOAH! the whole thing just worked now XD
      There is one more thing i am asking for, excuse the newbie 😀
      My launguage is Arabic, and i found it on my android Htc Hd2 but, its not really like arabic, for example, instead of ختننت its ا ر ا, so its written in a totally different way which I cant read, any programs that can help solve that as I cant read received messages and cant send messages, cuz sometimes they come in rectangles! so, i just want u to give me a way and its explanations please 🙂 thanks

    • As I told you previously, you need to use latest Tytung r9 Kernel Android ROM to solve the robotic voice issue. Which NAND Android ROM are you using now?

      • I am sorry but i am with the same problem that keith seem to have, first i dont know if my android is the nand one or the sd one i think it is nand because i can use my android phone without my sd card, well i am with this big problem sometimes i have this roboct voice in my phone… well are you sure that changing the radio or the rom this problem is solved, what about if i just did a hard reset? well is this procedure of changing rom and radio safe? well i dont know like will my data in the phone be lost? i really dont know how to chose the radio, i live in brazil i dont which one is the best here, how can i find out? man if i could pay somebody to solve my problem i would… i will describe what my phone is you tell me what should i do please… android version:2.3.3
        baseband version:
        kernel version
        build number: gri40 (nexusHD2 gingerbread v 2.5 nand)
        well will this procedure perform good in my phone? and really i dont know nothing about those versions and what they do or what they are…
        please i woul like so much your help i think everyone has my same doubts

  5. Guys, you shouldn’t try to flash your phone before reading forums.

    you’re like people phone from a car asking how to drive…

    jayce is really patient.
    Karma +1

  6. I am using NAND and I can hear my voice echo on Radio 2.15
    I have tried different NAND ROM builds, but the echo wont go away.

    How do I flash Radio ROM from Android Clockworkmod 1.3 on HD2?
    Are you still using Radio 2.12?

  7. hie dude…!!
    i am using sd card android…its running perfect nd im luvng it bt im nt able to use it because..of the robo voice issuue plss suggest sumthng..

    spl-2.08.hspl 8G XE … cotullaHSPL
    ROM version-3.14.405.2 wwe

    andoroid version
    build number-mattc leo+froyo w/sense 1.7

  8. when i place or receive a call when u using android the phone will be hanged other than calling all the functions r working preety well..
    im luvng the android version i hav i want to use it help me sum how dude.

  9. hello , i have a robot voice when i call someone and after that call speakers dont work at all and it only happens when i call people and if someone calls me everything works…
    what can i do to fix that?


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