Rest in peace HTC HD2

Rest in peace HTC… Oh, I mean my HTC HD2. Good bye, my very first smartphone. HTC HD2 was a great piece of hardware back in year 2009 (check out my HTC HD2 unboxing). It is the best developer friendly smartphone ever. Yes, you can run stock Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Phone 7, Android, Ubuntu and Meego on HTC HD2. I don’t think there will be a phone that can do so in the future.

The ledendary HTC HD2

HTC HD2 served me well in the past. The largest screen smartphone back then. And I was very happy to use Android on it. Lot of modifications that you can play with. Yes, there are still a lot of software developments like ROM, mod for HTC HD2. Just I did not play it like the way before. But you still can try them if your HTC HD2 still alive and kicking. Of course, it can’t compete with latest and greatest smartphone out there now due to old hardware specifications. But it is still fun to play with when you are free…

Can HTC bring back the old time glory like the age of HTC HD2? HTC One X failed. Can HTC One success this time? Let’s find out when I get my hands on HTC One review unit from HTC Malaysia PR.


  1. What happened with HD2 of Yours? Got drowned or broken or simply got bored of it and decided to sell?

    As for HTC One.. it fails at photo quality – a real downfall ; even after the software update it’s still tragic.
    Of course, it has its own power points: great materials (and design), stereo speakers (and quite good Beats audio settings), great video quality – it has optical stabilization!, good field of view in videos (photos too, but they’re mostly useless), Zoe is a nice addition, bright screen (tho read below), FM Radio (comparing to Galaxy S4, which 100% doesn’t have it in SnapDragon version, and 99% in Exynos, same goes with LTE), IR Blaster (comparing to Sony Xperia Z).
    But it also have other problems beside tragic photos: no memory card slot, no exchangeable battery, problems with the screen in the sun, comparing to S4 (especially on Exynos) it has worse battery (especially standby time) and worse benchmark results (even to SnapDragon version), only two buttons (!) and – last but not least – still locked bootloader (bye-bye root OR warranty – in Poland it’s still a problematic too, though not as much as in other countries). Oh, unless people want to throw away their money an buy “an exclusive developer-dedicted 64 GB bootloader-unlocked version” – for ONLY 649$ :D:D:D

    Given just the last fact (no root?), why do You even consider it a serious choice, Jayce? : )

      • Well that’s a pity. I’m guessing you won’t repair out of pure (?) sentiment.

        And as for One – yeah, I agree, but why Malaysia PR mocks themselves that you are not going to bash HTC for locking the bootloader in the review – beats me… : P

  2. My HTC HD2 is going to my Smartphone Hall of Fame when it retires. It has been a great phone. I have used it with Winmo6.5, WP7 and Android. I want to try Ubuntu and Meego before it retires but is currently stuck at boot screen showing only HTC logo. I have done all I can to resolve it to no avail. I want to try your tutorial to restore stockrom before installing Ubuntu.
    Though we salute HTC for making a great smartphone we have to give gratitude to developers like yourself and websites like yours that gave us access to the fun of changing our OS like the covers of our phones. Thanks so much Jayce Ooi, you deserve an award. A Nobel may be. Lol!

    • Mine still in one piece, 3 years old

      the HTC HD2 is one of a million due rom flexibility & customisation. I do hope HTC will develop a phone as HD2 with high specs & flexible bootloader with collaborated of master Cotulla,


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