Salpido Grand Luxury Barrel Bluetooth Speaker Review

Hey guys, check out my latest portable Bluetooth speaker with handle. Yup, it is Salpido Grand Luxury Barrel. Didn’t hear of it before? No worry, just stay with me to know more about it then. In short, it is a speaker with BT, USB and FM radio. Have pretty long usage time. And much more…

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  • Play Music from BT enabled devices
  • Multiple Inputs – BT / USB / AUX
  • Built-in FM to enjoy your favorite radio stations
  • Carry in style with its handle
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Ideal for home, office and picnics


Package Content & Design
There are Salpido Grand Luxury Barrel Speaker (I will called it Barrel for short), user manual, stereo audio cable and USB charging cable in the package. Yes, they come well protected as you can see. It not hard to use Barrel if you used to Bluetooth speaker. Else the detailed user manual will guide you. Learn to use the FM radio as well. And the great part – it comes with 1 year 1 to 1 warranty by Nobel It Distribution Sdn Bhd which carries Salpido brand. Isn’t that great?



Unlike normal Bluetooth speaker, Barrel comes with a handle that ease carry around. Besides, it is loaded with luxury design too. And build quality is decent with solid hard plastic. By the way, the brown body gives you the smooth rubberised touch. Love it. Both of the speaker channels are facing left and right. This is great to use for outdoor as everyone can get the same amount of music compare to those front facing ones.


All the inputs and buttons are located on right channel. There are mode LED light indicator, AUX, USB port, analogue volume control, mode/power, previous, play/pause and next buttons. The left one just have speaker only. Do refer to all the pictures for more details.



  • Output power: 6W*2
  • Driver unit: 2.5″ Full Range, 3 Ohm
  • Frequency: 100Hz — 18kHz
  • Distortion: ≤ 1% 1W 1kHz
  • S/N: ≥ 70dB
  • Separation: ≥ 50dB (1kHz)
  • Charging lime: 3 Hours
  • Usage Time: 8-9 hours (based on 50% volume. full charged)
  • Dimensions: W260 * H132 * D135 mm

Performance Result
Salpido Grand Luxury Barrel Bluetooth coverage is great. Yes, it easily exceeds the standard 10m Bluetooth range in straight sight line with no obstacle. And almost up to 7m with obstacles like walls. All my Bluetooth devices like smartphone, tablet, notebook and PC are able to pair with Barrel and stream flawlessly. And the good part that some of the Bluetooth speaker failed – it has virtually no lag between video and audio. Beside music, it is great to use it for movie and games on your mobile devices too. Finally, 3.5mm AUX line-in port is there for devices without Bluetooth connectivity.

15 hours of non-stop music playback is what I get from Barrel 2600mAh lithium battery. As usual, tests were done with average room sound level. And battery life will be shorter when play louder at maximum level. By the way, it easily fill up the whole living room with maximum volume. You can throw a small party outdoor with that too. And there is barely distortion near that level. As for self-charging, it requires 3 hours to fully charge just like the specs.


Barrel will start to play MP3 song once plugged in USB flash drive. Breakpoint memory feature is supported and it will continue to playback the last song and at the place that left off after power off or USB drive was ejected. No need to start from all previous listened songs here. However, it does not memorize the last used audio source mode. It will always start at USB mode first else Bluetooth (if no USB drive). As for FM radio, the reception is good and no external antenna is needed. As usual, it is depended on your area FM coverage. Perfect sound quality when signal is clear. Just do the auto search once and it will store all radio stations found. Then just use next/previous track button to change station.

Bright sound signature is what you will get from Barrel. You probably can guess it from the specs. Yup, it’s focusing more on treble than bass. No worry, bass is still there but in the polite way. The high and mid are clear and crisp. You get nice vocals too thanks to that. By the way, certain songs can be little bit harsh when speaker is near to you (or in a small room). Barrel sounds the best in large and open environment. Overall, sound quality is decent at this price point.


  • Crisp & clear sound with nice bass
  • Built-in MP3 player & FM Radio
  • Great battery life
  • Portable with handle
  • Decent build quality


  • Can’t memorize last used audio source


Looking for a long hour playback portable Bluetooth speaker? Give Salpido Grand Luxury Barrel a try. Enjoy the crisp and clear sound that it brings. Interested? Check out Nobel It Facebook for more information.