Samsung Galaxy S2 DXKI2, XWKI4 Firmware new features

Yeah… I love latest Samsung Galaxy S II firmwares because they are always the best, performance improve and bug fixes. What are the new features of the latest official Samsung Galaxy S2 DXKI2 and XWKI4 Firmware. Personally, I did not test them yet. However, based on feedback from who upgraded to the latest official Samsung Galaxy S2 KI series ~ USB JIG and USB host support are no longer working. Well done, Samsung…

No to worry if you found out that your USB JIG is not working anymore. KI firmware includes updated bootloader to prevent use of the USB JIG to erase the custom kernel counter and warning yellow triangle. And removed the USB host Android APIs from this release. Stay away from upgrade to KI firmware with Samsung Kies if you still want these features.

Hmm… Any other new features that I missed out?


  1. hi jayce, first of all thank you so much for very informative site here… so i guess i’m not the lucky one rite here lol… upgraded the firmware from DXKF1 to DXKI1 and i heard our DXKI1 is not the same with european DXKI1… how am i gonna rooted it since i can’t find asian DXKI1 firmware? can u put a link for me…thanks for the advanced…

  2. Then dxki2 should still support usb jig for remove yello triangle and reset counter, right?
    Where the link I can download dxki2. With cf dxki2 for root?

    • My phone has suffered from the dreaded MTP-reloading thingy of the Galaxy Series (you know, that issue when your phone disconnects and reconnects to the PC…) Anyway, that’s beside the point.

      So I upgraded my firmware to DXKI2 and my rooting privileges were lost. So I Odin’ed it, and that step was successful. And tried SuperOneClick’ing but that failed miserably. Good thing there’s S2 ROOT, which worked like a charm.

      Anyway, more to the point. This is what I noticed about my share of the SLIGHT DELAY when pressing the Home Key from standby. When I allow the phone to go on standy via the normal way (as in, after a few seconds), there is that delay. But when I press on the lock key (to go to standby) and then press home, there’s no delay. Can anyone else verify this? πŸ˜€

      Again, S2 ROOT will be able to root your GINGERBREAD.DXKI2

  3. Dear Jayce,

    Install Andriod on HTC HD2 by SD card better or direct on HTC HD2 ? What is the differance?


    Kong Ket Leong.

  4. After I downloaded the cf-root, I was able to root my phone. But one thing, the yellow triangle appear on the start-up screen. I don’t like that and I want to put it back to normal. Is there anyway? Help!

  5. can i still use a jig to reset my counter? my firmware is DXKI2, i have read the comments and some said it can be reset, some are not. TIA

  6. Finding it impossible to root my galaxy S2 as it’s ok XWKI4 firmware and i can’t find an insecure kernel for it? What works for rooting this phone on this firmware version?

    also my jig/wifi tethering/usb cable tethering all work on XWKI4 firmware.

    thanks guys.


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