Samsung SideSync – Connects your mobile and PC

Hey guys, check out Samsung SideSync which can connect your mobile and PC. Something like AirDroid but much more advance. For the moment, Samsung SideSync can only connect Samsung smartphone and Samsung ATIV Windows PC. So that the big catch. I have Samsung Galaxy S4 but no ATIV PC. Don’t know when it will support all other PC because the features look good. Just look at the video below to find out more…

Samsung SideSync

Samsung SideSync Features

  • Auto backup and recharging.
  • Keyboard and mouse sharing.
  • Phone screen sharing.
  • More are coming…

Stay tuned. Samsung SideSync is coming…


  1. Hi Jayce
    Google wants you to use the cloud storage.
    But I can you rely on a slow and unstable IN
    connection to encrypt, up- and download,
    decrypt data in urgent need.
    Beside that, providers data-usage getting more
    restricted and expensive.



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