Sensibo Air + Room Sensor Review – Keep You Comfortable All The Time. And Save Money Too!

2 is better than 1. Sensibo Air smart AC controller comes with a Room Sensor now. What are they? They are indoor climate ecosystem that retrofits any air conditioner or heat pump and turn them into a smart sensing machine. Save more energy and money as your AC will never run in an empty room again. In addition, they measure motion, temperature and humidity. Adjust the temperature automatically through Climate React tech to give you better comfort and health. Alright, let’s have a closer look…

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Package Content & Design
There come in 2 small packages. Both are well-protected. Just open them and follow the instructions to install both of them.

For Sensibo Air, there is power adaptor included according to your country plug, micro USB cable and double-sided adhesive.

As for Room Sensor, there are detachable stand, detachable wall mount, 2 x AAA batteries (installed) and double-sided adhesive.

Build quality is excellent with sturdy plastic housing. Sensibo Air comes in black and white outlook this round. And Room Sensor is in totally white. A much simpler design that easily matches to your room environment. By the way, the Sensibo Logo is the LED light indicator with blue colour. I believe the infrared transmitter and receiver are just beside the logo.

Installation process is pretty simple and fast. In short, just download Sensibo application from iOS App Store or Android Play Store. Then follow instructions there will do. The long version – you need to set your Wi-Fi router password on Sensibo Air so that it can connect to Internet by its own later on. Create an account for Sensibo Air too. And assign your air conditioner model to it by just scanning the AC remote power button infrared signal. That’s it. Fast and easy with no manual input for aircon brand and model. All done by itself. You can start to use Sensibo Air to enjoy cool summer (or a hot winter) now.

Sensibo application is simple and easy to use as usual. Once opened, you get the whole list of Sensibo devices that connected at your place. For my case, there is only one – Office. You can turn on or off the aircon with the switch there. Or click on it to access more functions. Control settings like cool, heat, dry or auto mode. Fan speed, swing mode and even set timer. You can enable or disable Climate React and Presence React there too. Finally, access Fitlers (which requires Sensibo Plus subscription).

After that, you can go to Schedule tab. Define schedules as you prefer with 7-day scheduling to turn on or off aircon. Set the mode, temperature, swing mode and fan speed that you want. Totally up to you. Besides that, you can check back the whole day event. Week and month too (requires Sensibo Plus subscription). Finally, the Settings tab that you configure a lot of stuff. Take your time to play around with it to get the most out of Sensibo Air and Room Sensor.

Performance Result
Highly flexible! Yes, you can control assigned air conditioner at any place, any time with Sensibo app as long as you are connected to Internet. In addition, you can also share it with your family at home and colleagues in the office to control it too. Turns on or off automatically by using the phone location through GPS. Yes, Sensibo will turn on aircon before you arrive. And turns off it when everybody leaves through Geofence feature.

Climate React is another great feature. You can set trigger based on temperature, humidity and ‘feels like’. AC will react once over or below the value that you set. As usual, you can set on/off, mode, temperature, swing mode and fan speed. Everything will be run automatically once set up properly. No manual work is needed later.

Presence React works with Room Sensor. It can turn on the aircon once detected someone had entered the room. Or turn off it after room is empty for certain minutes. A nice feature that improves comfort and saves money on electricity bill at the same time.

Unlock more features with Sensibo Plus subscription like – Get realtime data about air quality and weather outside. Get Climate React to work with Geofencing and Scheduling. Find the best time to clean the filters. Get realtime tips to save energy. 14 days free trial is available. Decide to subscribe or not then. Totally up to you.


  • Keep you comfortable all the time
  • Cost saving
  • A lot of sensors including motion
  • Multiple aircon support
  • Easy installation
  • Remote access anywhere, anytime
  • Firmware OTA update


  • Need Sensibo Plus subscription to unlock certain features

Keep you comfortable all the time! And save money in the meantime. Set up once and leave it. That’s it. Rest assures that Sensibo Air + Room Sensor will give you the exact temperature that you need. Suitable for both home and office. Interested? Do visit Sensibo Website to get more information. And get yours there.


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