Set ‘WCDMA only’ with Android Network Application by Philipp Mangelow

I don’t have a strong 3G signal at my place. And it used to turn to 2G EDGE when 3G signal is weak. Data connection is broken then and slow with EDGE connection. Network application by Philipp Mangelow manages to help to set ‘WCDMA only’ on certain Android ROMs with EVO kernel where I cannot set ‘WCDMA only’ in connection settings.

Network by Philipp Mangelow

Network a shortcut to the RadioInfo from By default, connection is set to ‘WCDMA preferred’. You can change to ‘GSM only’ and ‘WCDMA only’ too. By the way, you might need to use MarketEnabler if you cannot find it at your Android Market.

I believe 4G LTE is workable on this application too. Just try it to find out. Search for ‘Network Philipp Mangelow’ at Google Play Store to download.