Skype for Windows Mobile ~ free Internet calls on HTC HD2

Skype… This is not an uncommon word for you and me. Most of us who connected to Internet should know that Skype ~ a free Internet phone calls application. I had been using Skype (desktop version) during my business trips to China last few years. It is my best and cheapest solution to call back home when traveling. And I got it on my HTC HD2 now.

Skype is a free tool to make voice calls over the Internet using Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology. Free for Skype to Skype calls or Skype to landlines, mobile phones with a fee using SkypeOut. Besides voice calls, Skype also have instant message (IM) function, video calls, send files, send texts (SMS). Too bad that HTC HD2 don’t have secondary video camera. I cannot use video call with it. Does Skype for Windows Mobile have voice call function in the first place?

There is lot of mobile phone versions for Skype like Skype for Symbian, Nokia N800/N810, Nokia N900, iPhone, Skype on PSP, Android and Windows Phones. However, I cannot find the link to download Skype for Windows Mobile (temporary removed) and Android (do we have Skype for Android?) by the time of writing this. After searching with Google… I found Skype v3.0.0.256 for Windows Phones cab.

Skype requires WiFi connection or 3G/2G data connection. The best method to use Skype on your mobile phone is to get an unlimited 3G broadband data connection plan. Then, you don’t need to worry about the data connection charges while chatting with friend through Skype.

Download Skype v3.0.0.256 for Windows Phones cab here.


    • We have unlimited Internet now. Unlimited phone call (maybe VoIP) is not a problem. But telcos want to earn money. That won’t be happening soon.

  1. I tried downloading Skype through your link with my HD2, but I couldn’t do it properly and it says the installation was unsuccessful. Since I’m new to the whole internet phone and HD2, could you please walk me through how to download and install skype feature on my phone properly? I currently have unlimited 3G with T-mobile.

  2. yes ,exactly right , first of all you should download the file to your PC and then copy to your PPC and then install it .


  3. On Skype home page, they rempoved the link, and they stated that it will no longer be available for Winmo phones. You can still use it if u download it from another link until end of 2010….is it true??? and why???



      • We downloaded it to the phone but says cannot complete download or something like that….really bummed by this cause a huge reason we got this phone was cause we thought we could skype from it..

  4. after playing it around for 20 minutes and about to give up…it’s finally installed and worked just fine. Thank you.

  5. I bought the HTC HD2, I bought the telephone for using in airports/hotels when on Skype, I was quite suprised when I went on the Skype homepage and could see it was not existingt.

    But thanks to you, I now have Skype and it works perfect, Thank You.

    • Last time I said perfect, but it was not perfect as the voice is in the loud speaker. Is there no way this can be changed. ?
      Thanks anyhow for being able to have Skype on the HD2, the ear phones takes the voice from the speakers but it is not how I normally use my phone.

  6. I dontvthink that they git rid of the mobile Skype for windows mobile for any reason other than Verizon paying them off to make it ONLY available for Verizon phones such as th droid. not even other android phonescan use Skype because verizon is shelling a lot of cash for exclusivity

  7. Thanks! I could install it on my HD2 using the above link and steps. I can talk now from my mobile through skype.

    • Mukul how did you do it?
      I put the application on the SD card then put it on my phone and clicked on setup. it opens opera and then goes blank.
      Please help I want to call my sister. she is overseas.
      I have a touch pro2. what application did you download? from what website?

  8. I just put skype on my HTC touch pro 2 (sprint)! so happy.
    I put cab files from http://www.mobiletec…e-discontinued/
    click where it says You can still download the .cab file here.
    I saved it my SD card then put clicked on the application saved it on the phone and it is done!

    Now I gotta figure out why skype always makes calls in speaker mode.
    Any suggestions?

    • Congratulations! So you did it.

      I also need to figure out this problem of skype calls in speaker mode. Let me know if you find the solution.

  9. Are are you guys are getting this to work? I am trying to install it, but I run it says installation was not successful? Any tips?

    • I downloaded the cab file to my laptop and then copied and pasted it to my HD2. And I installed it right from HD2. It works perfectly. I tried to download the cab file to my HD2 but it also says installation unsuccessful. So just download it to your pc first.

  10. hey Guys,
    Please help me for cabs. basically im looking for skype for my htc hd 2 handset but couldn’t find it.. please can someone help me on this.. thanx in advance


  11. hi i have Htc Hd2 from T-mobile USA i tryed everything to download skype on my phone but it dose not work need help if somebody can tell me step by step what to do please

      • Hi, I downloaded the latest T-mobile ROM for HD2 posted on their site a few days ago. I had Skype 3.0 working prior to the upgraded T-M ROM. After upgrading to the new ROM, I re-installed Skype 3.0 again. I got the Skype icon in my Start menu, I can sign in but then Skype just keeps spinning and never connects…
        I am connected to wifi but Skype will not log-in… anyone have.any ideas?
        You think it might be the new ROM?

  12. Hi Guys I had skype on my touch pro 2 in july. now my phone got m essed up and the sprint store did a hard reset. so I did again what I did in past (see posting of July) and it says successufully installed but when I try to sign in it keeps loading but nothing happens. i am heart broken. i believe sprint put a new firmware on the phone. any suggestions?

  13. I can’t believe the number of people here that can’t follow a simple direction or two. Anyway, many thanks to the OP for providing a link for the 302 cab. I have skype working fine on both my LG IQ, a 6.5 winmo, and my HTC Maple, a 6.1 winmo. Funny the one version works fine as my HTC is a non-touch screen and my LG is a touch screen.

    Regardless, very happy here. As long as skype doesn’t start blocking winmo phones I’m happy.

  14. I downloaded it and I cant get into the program. I entered my username and password and its still trying to connect. Does this program work for anyone?

  15. Hello all, i was like you and i tried every cab file for my htc hd2 and finally i found the problem, after downloading plug the earpiece into your mobile and it’ll be working 100%, iam very happy solving the problem that easily , but there is one tinny problem is that when calling it calls in loud speaker, not the earpiece!

  16. I have installed skype on my HD2 about one year ago and it worked perfect until a few weeks ago.
    I noticed before that when I was connected (by accident) to my provider and not wifi, skype stopped working. This problem was solved easy by deleting and reinstalling. A few weeks ago it stopped working again (not sure why) and I made the reinstall. Strange enough it starts normal, asks username and password but does not connect and give the message “cannot connect with the scype network, check your connection” the last is fine and so is my login info. Anybody any idea? Thanks

  17. Hey COOL, I just had a look at Deso’s and it also solved my problem … thanks man.
    Only wonder why because befor it worked fine without the headset.

  18. Thanks for the thread guys .. I installed skype but was not able to login since i was using the signin button on screen .. But from this thread i understood to signin from left lower signin button .. It works on htc hd2 .. great !!


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