Sony Ericsson MW600 vs Samsung HS3000 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

I play a lot of games with my Samsung Galaxy S II lately. However, it is not so comfortable to play games with wired earphones attach to it. So I planned to buy a Bluetooth stereo headset. There is lot of good quality Bluetooth stereo headsets to choose. After did some researches, I decided to buy Bluetooth stereo headset that support 3.5 mm earphones. I can use my own earphones in this case. And I can attach it to external speakers with 3.5 mm stereo plug too. Playing games on my Samsung Galaxy S2 will never be the same again… Samsung HS3000 and Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Stereo Headset are the finalists. Which one should I get?

Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Sony Ericsson MW600 Advantages

  • Longer battery life ~ 8.5 hours stream time.
  • OLED display.
  • Stereo FM radio.
Samsung HS3000 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Samsung HS3000 Advantages

  • aptX codec support, SoundAlive sound technology.
  • Bluetooth 3.0.

Both of Sony Ericsson MW600 and Samsung HS3000 Bluetooth Stereo Headset prices are about the same that I can get from retail and online shop. Lot of people is recommending Sony Ericsson MW600 based on reviews. But less on Samsung HS3000 because it is still very new.

So which Bluetooth Stereo Headset should I get to match my Samsung Galaxy S2?


  1. Hi Jayce, i face a same problem as your when playing game wih HD2 or ipad… I bought bluetooth headset JABRA HALO which quite nice since it block surround sound which i feel i’m in my own world sometime….lol

  2. Jayce,
    I think you should buy Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Stereo Headset . I am using it, the sound quality is the best. It even have ‘bass’ when u listen to music and movies. No idea with games though.

  3. Hi there!, i was wondering that whether mw600 gave any problem to you when using sgs2? i’m planning to buy one but i’m afraid there’s any compatibility issues. Thanks.

  4. I have heard bad things about the clip for the Sony Ericsson MW600. I was wondering if you’ve had any issues with the clip and your opinion on it (e.g. build quality)

      • I do have mw600, it is good for music. However, I cannot play games on my gs2 with this, coz of the audio lag. Dont you have any lag while playing games?

          • oh….I thought blutooth v2.1 is the culprit and thinking of buying hs3000 just for the fact it is v3.0.
            I am running 4.0 too, how about gaming experience with jelly bean?
            what is your suggestion? should i wait for jelly bean ? or should i buy hs3000?

    • Clip is the only problem for Sony Ericsson MW600 which is not available in market. It will break for sure in few months & only way is replacing the complete headset as NEW. Apart from that everything is fine & my headset is hanging in my chest without clip… ๐Ÿ™ Soon the cables joints will be spoiled as it cannot handle the weight of the bluetooth headset.

      • As someone mentioned, the MW600’s clip is kind of weak. I currently own these headphones and the clip JUST broke today while I was mowing the lawn. However, the clip lasted me about 2 years (I bought the MW600 back in August 2010).

        I am now looking at whether to buy the MW600’s again, hot-gluing a girl’s banana hair clip to my current pair in order to cheaply fix it, or just getting the HS3000.

        I also have an SGS2, but it is the ATT version, which also doesnt have the built-in FM tuner. I tend to use my headphone a lot, especially while biking and doing outside activities like yard work. Most of the time, I am sweating while wearing my headphones.

        I am really debating this decision:
        1) My cheapest solution is to simply ‘fix’ the current pair of MW600’s I have. I was thinking I could buy some of those banana clips that girls use in their hair and just hot-glue it to the transmitter. Im not sure if the hot-glue will hurt the transmitter though.
        Also, my current headphones bug me at times thanks to the touch-sensitive volume controls. If I am wearing the headphones while sweating, it seems that a sweaty shirt will trick the volume control into thinking that someone is sliding their finger along it, which makes the volume suddenly increase or decrease by itself. VERY annoying!

        2) If I buy the MW600’s again, then I get a new clip, but spend money on something I bought already (its just kind of disappointing). Also, besides the volume slider issue mentioned before, the OLED display also doesnt seem to work on my SGS2 when using PowerAMP (not sure about the default player though as I NEVER use it). This does not bother me since I really have no use for it anyways (even with calls, I simply answer it without needing to see who it is).
        Also, I get the option to listen to FM radio since my phone doesnt have the tuner. 90% of the time, I am listening to MP3’s though, but I still like to use the FM every once in a while.

        3) If I get the Samsung HS3000, I will get a better clip (I hope; this is based on the pictures), maybe better sound, and the volume slider issue should be fixed since the volume buttons are actual BUTTONS.
        However… I lose the FM radio!

        I might as well ask this here before I take action:
        What do you all think?

          • I decided to go with the Samsung HS3000 last month in Green/White. Overall, I’m very impressed with them. It has a buttons along the side which many people consider to be thin, but I personally think that the buttons suit my likings. The sound quality of these bluetooth headphones is quite average with the stock in-ear headphones because of the included ear-buds. Once I changed the ear-buds with the ones from my Philips SHE8000, the sound quality was just as good as the SHE8000s (This now makes me think about what ear-buds I’m using as it can make a huge difference to your experience). The best thing about buying these bluetooth headphones is the fact that you have a good choice of colours (Black, Green/White & Pink/White) which is good as you can purchase the one that suits your style.

    • Although Sony MW600 is a best stereo bluetooth device for sound & call quality but the โ€˜clipโ€™ is delicate. I lost MW600 in mumbai crowded local train as clip got broken! Now I purchased Jabra Clipper, rugged clip that never slips & breaks!! However music output is not that much great as MW600 but I think itโ€™s a better option than fearing to loose clip & made the whole device uselessโ€ฆ

  5. hi all …

    i have the same issue :
    so which is the best one???

    Sony Ericsson MW600 or Samsung HS3000 ?

    i have also found these ones…
    Jabra Street 2
    Nokia BH-221

    please help me!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hei gUys, HS3000 has bluetooth 3. wch maks evrthin gr8..espcly d sound and the mic n controls are alligned u dn hv ny problem vn switchin tracks or calin..i liked it

  7. I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S 2 Epic 4G. The phone has bluetooth 3.0.

    I have used my Sony Ericson MW 600 for a year with my Motorola I1 and love everything about it.

    The MW 600 is Bluetooth 2.1 it will not pair with the 3.0 Bluetooth Samsung Galaxy S 2 Epic 4G.

    Any suggestions?

  8. Thank you it worked great. As soon as I did a factory reset my Galaxy found it.

    I have used the MW 600 for over a year working outside in all kinds of weather. I listen to audio books and music from my cell phones. Even when the phone is on the charger in my truck I get great reception up to 50 feet away. I also use the built in FM receiver daily. It also switches seemlessly to and from phone calls.

    The unit gives me consistantly 8 hours of use on an overnight charge. More than any other unit of it’s kind.

    The only change I would make is to add a button lock or a guard along the buttons. It is very easy to bump the buttons and change radio stations or tracks.

    I highly recomend the Sony Ericson MW600

    Thanks again

  9. Hello Guys… although Sony MW600 is a best stereo bluetooth device for sound & call quality but the ‘clip’ is delicate. I lost MW600 in mumbai crowded local train as clip got broken! Now I purchased Jabra Clipper, rugged clip that never slips & breaks!! However music output is not that much great as MW600 but I think it’s a better option than fearing to loose clip & made the whole device useless…


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