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How to enable Mobile Legends High Frame Rate Mode on Android?

How to enable Mobile Legends: Bang Bang High Frame Rate Mode on Android? No root access, GLTools or mod apk is needed. Just follow this step by step video guide to enable 60 fps high frame rate mode on Android smartphone and tablet. CPUforAnd.unity3d is the key. As long as your devices’ GPU is supported, high frame rate mode can be turned on. My latest Mi Pad 4 tablet is running smoothly now. Moonton should enable it in the first place.

How to install 3rd party apps / games APK on Redmi 2?

There are lot of Android applications and games APK on the Internet. Or the one that you backup from existing apps or games. Yes, they are in APK file format. And normally you can’t install them as Google blocked it by default because the safest way to get Android applications and games is through Google Play Store. Anyway, you still can install 3rd party APK on Redmi 2 through File Explorer.

Install blocked

How to install 3rd party APK on Redmi 1S?

How to 3rd party APK on Redmi 1S like Xiaomi Read Me App? Yup, you can install applications and games that not in Google Play Store through apk method. Just copy the apk to your phone. Use Explorer to browse it. Click on it to install. That’s all.

Lift ban

How to install 3rd party apk on Nexus 7 (2013)?

There is no need to jailbreak Android device in order to install 3rd party applications or games that no available in Google Play Store. In fact, you don’t need to do so too in iOS now. This applies to latest Nexus 7 (2013) too. In short, just enable apk installation from unknown sources in security settings will do. Then install it from file explorer. That’s it. Do take note that installing apps and games apk from outside Play Store might bring virus or malware to your Nexus 7.

Enabled unknown sources

How to install apps & games apk on Galaxy S4?

Can’t find your Android application on Google Play Store? Well, Play Store is not the only place to get Android applications and games. If you can’t find certain application like AdFree apk (which removed from Play Store), it can be found on other sites on the Internet. Or application and mod apk from XDA Forum. By the way, only install apk on Samsung Galaxy S4 from the developer that you know. Else you might install malware or virus on your Galaxy S4. They can cost you money, data loss or even stole your personal data. Therefore, don’t install warez (pirated apps and games) out there.

Enable Unknown sources on Samsung Galaxy S4


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