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How to copy / backup Android .apk file?

In the search of the best Android build on HTC HD2, I need to try lot of different Android build. However, I face a problem that slows me down ~ download application from Android Market every time on new build. How to backup Android .apk file? I want to make a copy of the downloaded application locally. So that I don’t need to download them again and again using slow Internet connection.

ES File Explorer

SMS Cloud Backup ~ backup SMS to email account

There is lot of ways to backup Windows Mobile data. PIM Backup v2.8 is used backup / restore personal information stored on Windows Mobile devices locally. xda member, computerjunkie created SMS Cloud Backup tool that reads your SMS and sends a backup of all your SMS Conversation (threaded) to an email account.

SMS Cloud Backup

PIM Backup v2.8 ~ a tool to backup / restore personal information for Windows Mobile

PIM Backup v2.8 is a backup application that allows to backup / restore personal information stored on Windows Mobile devices. It will backup contacts, appointments, tasks, messages, calls… But no MMS support.


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