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How to backup / restore Samsung Galaxy S2 EFS?

What is EFS? It is a place that stores your Android smartphone important data like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth MAC address and IMEI (nv_data.bin). Do take note if you are a frequent ROM / firmware flasher or rooted your Android phone. Installed unstable poorly cooked ROM might cause EFS partition to be corrupted or missing. Which will cause you fail to make voice call due to missing IMEI number. So better to make a backup of your EFS partition. The easiest way to backup EFS ~ just copy the whole EFS folder with Root Explorer to SD card. But some said this method is not good during EFS restore. So better use EFS backup / restore tool like kTool by Hellcat. kTool will backup the whole EFS partition (including files read / write permission) for you with 1 click. Note – root access is required.


How to backup & restore all apps and settings when upgrade Android ROM?

If you a person that like to try out new Android ROM every day / week, Titanium Backup is your great friend. It can help you to backup and restore all apps and settings when upgrade Android ROM. It can backup almost every application and its data, so no worry about save games or progress that you had made. It also backup SMS, contacts, system data… Titanium Backup will ease your life when upgrade to a totally new different Android ROM. Note – Titanium Backup requires root access and not everything can be restored due to different Android ROM settings.

Titanium Backup

How to backup Samsung Galaxy S2 with ClockworkMod Recovery? (Video)

One of the best ClockworkMod Recovery features ~ full system backup and restore with Nandroid. How to backup Samsung Galaxy S II with ClockworkMod Recovery? First of all, you need to install ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S2. You can use CWM Manager application to make a backup if you install CWM through CF-Root. Else you need to load ClockworkMod Recovery itself to do so. Below video will guide you to backup Samsung Galaxy S2 by using CWM Manager. Read the step by step guide for more information…

How to backup and restore with ClockworkMod Recovery on HTC HD2?

ClockworkMod Recovery is the best gift to HTC HD2. It makes HTC HD2 runs like a native Android phone. Nandroid is one of the best features on it. You can make full backup and restore with it. A must use feature for those who are using Android build based on ClockworkMod Recovery. Note – there are 2 major version of ClockworkMod Recovery ~ v1.2 (reside at SD card) and v1.3 (reside at NAND memory).

Download SMS Backup & Restore for Android

I always don’t care about SMS when I changed to another Android ROM. However, I did miss some of the important SMS due to that. Therefore, SMS Backup & Restore application by Ritesh Sahu comes to rescue. It is a simple Android application to help you backup and restore SMS messages. And store backup SMS as XML file at SD card. So no worry about restore it later…


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