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Download camera app for Nexus 7

Where is the camera application in Google Nexus 7? Nexus 7 does not have camera on the back (only front camera for video conferencing). So Google decided not to include camera application in Nexus 7? Well, Nexus 7 does have camera application but there was no camera icon / launcher to open it. So what should you do in order to get Nexus 7 camera working?

Nexus 7 Camera

How to increase Samsung Galaxy S3 speaker volume to maximum?

How to increase Samsung Galaxy S III speaker volume to maximum? Samsung Galaxy S3 speaker is not loud enough for you even on default maximum volume? Then you need to try out this Samsung Galaxy S3 audio hack. This modification will make Samsung Galaxy S3 speaker volume as loud as it can in Ringtones, Messages, Videos, Music Player and other applications… In-Call volume is louder too in earpiece and speakerphone mode. And it might increase maximum volume for headset, Bluetooth, analogue dock, digital AUX and FM radio too. Try it to find out. Note – Root access is needed.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Volume Hack

How to disable HTC One X camera shutter sound?

HTC One X camera continuous shooting mode is good. I really like this burst mode. But the camera shutter sound is not so friendly when it produce click… click… sound. Yeah, it is great to show off that you have a great fast HTC One X camera. But kinda disturbing when taking continuous shot in quiet environment. So how to disable HTC One X camera shutter sound?

Disable HTC One X camera shutter sound

Download Cartoon Camera for Android Free

Cartoon Camera by Fingersoft is Android camera applications like Paper Camera but it is free of charge (Ads supported). There are 5 effects in Cartoon Camera ~ Cartoon, Sepia, White Strokes, Dark Strokes and Colored Edges. A nice application for you when you are getting bored of taking normal photo. Try the cartoon mode then…

Cartoon Camera

Bluetooth Headset as Remote Shutter for HTC One X Camera

Want to take self portrait with HTC One X camera? It is not easy because HTC One X does not have dedicated hardware shutter button. But you can use your Bluetooth headset as remote shutter for HTC One X camera. One of the hidden features of HTC One X camera application. Check out below video to find out more…


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