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Watch & Win – dodocool World Cup

HiFi Music Player DA106GY, EQ headphone DA151, Hi-Res Wireless Speaker DA150GY, Portable Humidifier DH07B and Wireless Charger DA128B can be yours if you win the first prize of dodocool World Cup event. Yes, just watch football match and vote for the match result before the match begins will do. You gain point when voted correctly. Up to 100 lucky winners. All thanks to dodocool…

Download Football Windows Phone 7 ROM for HTC HD2

I promised that I will be back to Windows Phone 7 when new stuff comes out. Yup, there are 2 custom Windows Phone 7 ROMs out there now. Here is the one cooked by xda-developer, Football. Good news, you don’t need to unlock it with ChevronWP7 by yourself. Ease our life a little bit. It is based on OEM version – 2250.09.07401.605 and Windows Phone version -7.0.7004.0.

Football WP7 on HTC HD2

Top 3 Windows Phone 7 (WP7) ROMs for HTC HD2

HTC HD2 should come with Windows Phone 7 when it launched. HTC HD2 hardware is capable to run WP7. However, Microsoft did not manage to hit the WP7 schedule, so HTC HD2 was shipped with Windows Mobile 6.5 instead. And Microsoft rejected to upgrade HTC HD2 to WP7 officially. Luckily, thanks to all the brilliant developers. We can have WP7 on our lovely HTC HD2 now. Here are the top 3 WP7 ROM that I tried…

XBmod WP7
XBmod WP7


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