Download XBmod Windows Phone 7 ROM for HTC HD2

XBmod Windows Phone 7 ROM is another custom WP7 ROM for HTC HD2. As usual, ChevronWP7 built-in is a must have for custom ROM. So installing applications in xap format is not any issue at all. It is based on OEM version – 2250.09.07401.605 and Windows Phone version -7.0.7004.0.

XBmod WP7 on HTC HD2

XBmod WP7 Features

  • Original HTC bootscreen
  • Original HTC theme
  • New icons
  • New Notification icons
  • Added new Color
  • Built-in ChevronWP7.
  • Camera settings languages
  • Shutter sound removed
  • ID: HTC HD7 T9292.
  • Sound Volume Tweaked
  • Wifi 11n Enable
  • DefaultScope set to google
  • IE new tabs set to google
  • Keyboard sensibility tweaked
  • Internet explorer speed
  • In ROM HTC Apps

New icons

Installation guide ~ How to install Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2? (Video)

Download XBmod Windows Phone 7 v1.01 ROM here.