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Unitek USB 3.0 Dual Bay Docking Station Review

Want a docking station that can support both two 2.5” and 3.5” SATA hard drives at the same time? I have one to introduce you. Yup, Unitek (Y-3026) USB 3.0 Dual Bay Aluminum Docking Station is the one. It supports all 2.5″ / 3.5″ SATA I, SATA II, SATA III HDD and SSD up to 8TB. Furthermore, is does not need additional driver and support hot-swapping, easy and quick tool-free installation. And have Apple Aluminum stylish design that matches your Apple devices. By the way, it has offline clone function too. Sound great? Let’s have a closer look then…

Hard drive failure symptoms

Always backup all your important files. Why? You will regret when your hard drive is going down… One of my hard drives failed me. And the operating system was resided on it. There are several symptoms of a hard drive failure. They are the warning sign to inform you to change a new hard drive. Well, I was getting failed to access files issue and very slow when reading them. And frequent Windows system freezes. No high-pitched whining or loud clicking sound yet. And failed to boot into Windows after few days when this symptoms occurred.

Should I use Seagate certified repaired hard drive?

Yeah… I received my defective Seagate hard drive replacement after 3 days I returned it through RMA. It was sent from Singapore. The hard drive was labeled as certified repaired drive. Hmm… A common question came to my mind ~ should I use Seagate certified repaired hard drive? Anyway, I benchmark it. And the result looks promising. Hopefully, it can perform for years.

Seagate certified repaired hard drive

How to diagnostic faulty hard drive?

It is time to diagnostic hard drive if you discover these hard drive failure symptoms. Some of the hard drive issue might be caused by software, therefore a hard drive diagnostic tool software is needed to determine the condition of the disk drive. Most of the hard drive companies like Seagate, Western Digital (WD) and SAMSUNG need you to check your hard drive condition with their own hard drive diagnostic tool before sending faulty hard drive for replacement (if still under warranty).

Seagate ~ SeaTools for Windows

How to return defective hard drive for replacement?

After you diagnostic faulty hard drive and discovered it was defective. Then it is time to return it back for replacement if still under warranty. Most of the hard drives come with 3 years limited warranty, but certain computer retail shop only covers for the 1st year. Therefore, you need to send it back on your own. How to return defective hard drive for replacement? Simple, just file a RMA request and process from there. Of course, you need to test it with hard drive diagnostic tool first. And make sure that it is really defective before sending it back…

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