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Hide root access from apps with RootCloak Plus (Cydia)

There are several Android applications like banking, enterprise and streaming apps that prevent you from using them if your device is rooted. So how are you going to do? Stop using them? Well, that’s not the best solution because RootCloak Plus (Cydia) can help. It is an application that hides all indications of root. Therefore, these apps can run without disabling root access. However, not all the apps or games are supported. So far, here are some that supported – DME Mail, Fox Digital Copy, DirecTV GenieGo, Best Buy CinemaNow, Bright House TV, Mobile Pay, AprivaPay, IKO, Sparkasse, WebTV, Barclays Mobile Banking and S-pushTAN.

RootCloak Plus (Cydia)

How to root Galaxy S4 with CF-Auto-Root I9500 & I9505? (Video)

Adam Kernel does not work on latest Galaxy S4 XXUBMEA firmware yet. So I need to find another rooting method for it. Yes, Chainfire’s CF-Auto-Root comes to rescue. One of the best parts of CF-Auto-Root – able to root most Galaxy S4 firmware out there. Unless Samsung changes the firmware structure, else CF-Auto-Root should be able to root it. Okay, let’s get started. Once your Android devices get rooted , you can’t go back anymore. Lot of useful applications require root access…

How to root Galaxy S4 GT-I9500? (Video)

Err… Can’t wait for CF-Auto-Root anymore. Luckily, that’s not the only way to root Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500. Yes, you can use other method to root Galaxy S4 I9500 like installing custom kernel. Most of the custom kernel will provide auto root function too. And Adam Kernel is one of the custom kernels that can do the trick. Really can’t survive without root access in Android world. Lot of tasks cannot be done without root access. Therefore, it’s time to root Galaxy S4 now.


  • Odin3
  • Custom Kernel with auto root feature

How to root Nexus 4 ~ 1 click method?

How to root Google Nexus 4? You can easily find lot of guides and videos about it on Internet. Being a Google developer smartphone, rooting Nexus 4 can be done in simple way. In short, just unlock Nexus 4 bootloader. Then root it. That’s all. Simple, right? Yes, with the correct tool and drivers. It is not mission impossible to do so.

Root access on Google Nexus 4

Superuser by ClockworkMod for Android

ClockworkMod has lot of stuffs lately. Besides the famous ClockworkMod Recovery and ROM Manager, Superuser is the latest addition to their family. Why need a new Superuser application? We already have outdated Superuser by ChainsDD and currently popular SuperSU by Chainfire. Well, Superuser by ClockworkMod is open source. Superuser should be open for independent security analysis since it control root access to your Android device, right? No harm to have another player in the market.

Superuser by ClockworkMod


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