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How to take screenshot on Galaxy Note 3?

How can I forget this – capture screenshot on Galaxy Note 3? Yes, you can use S Pen to do so. Can edit it first before save too. Take some notes and share it out later. This is one of the great features in Galaxy Note Series. Of course, you can use 2 other methods too. One with combo keys and another one with palm…

Take screenshot on Galaxy Note 3

How to take Samsung Galaxy S4 screenshot?

Want to capture Samsung Galaxy S4 screenshot and show others at Facebook, Twitter? Galaxy S4 is using the very same methods like its older brother. Galaxy S3 users, you can skip this guide now. The rest of you, stay with me. By the way, the default Android capture screenshot combo (Power + Volume Down buttons) won’t work on Samsung Galaxy series devices. Samsung has its own methods…

Take Galaxy S4 screenshot

How to take Nexus 4 screenshot?

How to capture Google Nexus 4 screenshot? Taking screenshot is so easy nowadays unlike the old time where root access is required. Or you need to setup adb connection with PC to do so. Google makes our lives easier by integrate screenshot capture feature as part of Android OS. Therefore, you can take Nexus 4 screenshot easily with few clicks of buttons.

Take Nexus 4 screenshot

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

How to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note II? You can’t use the default Google way to take Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with Power + Volume Down buttons. Samsung has its own ways to capture Samsung Galaxy Note 2 screenshot. Yes, you can use S Pen to take screenshot. Then use it to draw or write on or to crop the screenshot. Isn’t that great?

Take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

How to take Nexus 7 screenshot?

How to take Google Nexus 7 screenshot? Well, if you are using other Google Nexus devices, you should know how to capture screenshot on Google Nexus 7. It is the same among all Google Nexus devices like Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S… Google had made it easier for us because taking screenshot is part of Android 4.0+ features.

Take screenshot on Nexus 7


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