The new iPad 3 in the house

Finally, I gave my original Apple iPad (Wi-Fi + 3G) that I got from Maxis10 to my niece as promised several months ago. Therefore, I bought myself The new iPad 3 (Wi-Fi). Wow… I really love its retina display just like HTC One X but with bigger 9.7″ display. Too bad that it is not in 16:9 ratio else watching Full HD music video and movie will be great.

The new iPad 3

Err… The new iPad 3 is really hot (like HTC One X) while playing intensive 3D games like Infinity Blade II. Maybe it is hotter due to metal back panel. Luckily, it is just warm for most of the other normal games.

iOS is outrun by Android. But iOS is still a very strong platform. Lot of Apple fans (including me) support it. Games are still better on iOS and getting sooner than Android. So you will start to see iPad’s applications and games post from now on. Enjoy…


  1. Jayce, if this site turns into an iOS post heavy site it will be no longer a site I visit regularly (though I do own an iPhone 4s). I come here for some great tips on new advances in Android, and a break down of important XDA posts, not Apple. There’s many other sites doing Apple jailbreak and Cydia stuff that I already visit.

    With a small site such as this you really do have to side with one or the other (iOS/Android).

    With so many other Apple biased sites I think you may find it hard to provide new information.

    However, I wish you the best wherever you take your Blog πŸ™‚


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