Top best custom kernel for Samsung Galaxy S3

Stock Samsung Galaxy S III kernel is good. However, using tweaked and optimised custom kernel for Samsung Galaxy S3 is better. It improves overall performance and has lot of features that can’t be found on stock kernel. For example, root access, insecure adb, custom boot animation support, overclocking, undervolting voltage control, multiple tweaked CPU governors, GPU overclocking, I/O tweaks, automatic backup of EFS partition, NTFS USB driver support and other more… So here are the top best custom kernels for Samsung Galaxy S3 that you can try.

SiyahKernel supports both Samsung and CM9/AOSP/AOKP with a single kernel image. Have features like auto-root, overclocking, undervolting, insecure adb, init.d support, triangle-away app support, automatic EFS backup, ExFAT support, NTFS automounting for USB sticks…

Ninphetamin3 Kernel
Ninphetamin3 Kernel supports overclocking up to 1800mhz, has CPU voltage control interface, GPU voltage and speed control interface. Tweaked deadline ccheduler by default. Compiler optimizations aimed at improving performance/battery. Removal of Debug overhead for performance/battery improvement and triangle Away compatible…

Which is the top custom kernel for Samsung Galaxy S3? Each person has his own usage of applications and style. The custom kernel that suite me might not be the best for you. So test them yourself to find out the best custom kernel for your Samsung Galaxy S3.