Top best custom kernel for Samsung Galaxy S3

Stock Samsung Galaxy S III kernel is good. However, using tweaked and optimised custom kernel for Samsung Galaxy S3 is better. It improves overall performance and has lot of features that can’t be found on stock kernel. For example, root access, insecure adb, custom boot animation support, overclocking, undervolting voltage control, multiple tweaked CPU governors, GPU overclocking, I/O tweaks, automatic backup of EFS partition, NTFS USB driver support and other more… So here are the top best custom kernels for Samsung Galaxy S3 that you can try.

SiyahKernel supports both Samsung and CM9/AOSP/AOKP with a single kernel image. Have features like auto-root, overclocking, undervolting, insecure adb, init.d support, triangle-away app support, automatic EFS backup, ExFAT support, NTFS automounting for USB sticks…

Ninphetamin3 Kernel
Ninphetamin3 Kernel supports overclocking up to 1800mhz, has CPU voltage control interface, GPU voltage and speed control interface. Tweaked deadline ccheduler by default. Compiler optimizations aimed at improving performance/battery. Removal of Debug overhead for performance/battery improvement and triangle Away compatible…

Which is the top custom kernel for Samsung Galaxy S3? Each person has his own usage of applications and style. The custom kernel that suite me might not be the best for you. So test them yourself to find out the best custom kernel for your Samsung Galaxy S3.


  1. Hi Jayce
    May i know what kernel are you using right now?
    Off the record, some custom kernel like NEAK, franco, doesn’t support 64GB SDXC card (boot loop)

  2. Siyah is my weapon of choice. With ex tweats you get so much control and even Voodoo sound booster (which in itself own form is incompatible with S3).

    With that level of control I can’t see how another kernal can be better πŸ˜‰

  3. HI Jayce,

    Ive installed Siyal Kernel on my phone…… Seems to be working fine…. Could u kindle tell me (in your expert/professional opinion), the difference between the SiyahKernel and Ninphetemin3?????

    Im sure ull say its the users choice BUT I would certainly appreciate if u could kindly tell me which one would u prefer as far as the PERFORMANCE, OVERCLOCKING and the BATTERY LIFE is concerned….

    Thanks and Regards

  4. Thanks for your reply Jayce…..

    I just had a question but didnt know where to post it;

    Just wanted to know the difference between a Custom Rom and Custom Kernel? Are they different and can they both be installed separately? Since now I have Siyah Kernel, can I install a custom rom on my phone (SGS3 i9300) as well????

    Plz excuse me if Ive posted the on the wrong thread…


  5. Thanks for your reply…….

    In other words with Siyah Kernel, I cannot install as custom Rom or can I ??
    Also how can on find out what ROM is installed on their SGS3?

  6. Hi Jayce,

    Thanks for replying on how to revert back to stock kernel. Just have one question. Is there any way to do an OTA update without unrooting and losing root access. Please reply.

  7. how can I fix if the vibrator doesnt work on my s3? changing the kernel will fix if? i need a little help here. Thanks (ive tried flashing back to my original backup but the vibrator still wont work)

  8. Hey Jayce is there a particular siyah kernel or any other overclocking capable kernel to flash over cm 11 snapshot m11 on i9300?


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